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Children Parliament

Child Welfare Programme - 2016

1. Makkal Gram Sabha was organized by Vimukti at Pothnal Gram Panchyat:
VCT Pothnal over 187 children from the eight villages that come under the Pothnal Gram Panchayat limits participated in the “Makkala Grama Sabha” (children’s gram sabha) at Government Primary school ground Pothnal and demanded immediate intervention of officials concerned in redressing their grievances. By successfully listing out problems being faced by children, especially those living in rural areas, these children became a role model for their counterpart in other parts of the Taluka. Children raised their issues on child labour child marriage, dropouts, drinking water, compound, playground, teacher’s scarcity, electricity, toilets, cleanliness, library, dilapidated class rooms and other related issues. The authorities expressed their helplessness over sorting out the problems and gave an oral assurance that in the next action plan of the Gram Panchyath, some percentage of the funds would be utilized for children’s welfare programs. Children were not satisfied with oral assurances; the children sought an acknowledgement from the authorities for having received their complaints and wanted them to fix a deadline to solve the problems. The authorities told the children that they would come back to them after presenting the issues before the epartments concerned. Vimukti staff took great step to bring back the dropouts and child laborers to schools. To achieve this, they planned strategies like sensitizing the parents about child rights and the importance of education.

2. Campaign on girl education and early marriage issues:
With the help of District child protection unit the awareness was conducted in the various schools and villages about the importance of girl child education and the issues of early marriage. Many school children and villagers participated in the program and benefitted from this campaign.

“Child labour” is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development.

The literacy rate in Raichur district stands at a dismally low level of 55%. But if one were to look at literacy rate of SC/STs especially the girl children the situation is far worse. Most of the SC/ST children drop out of the school and start working as child and bonded laborers. After getting socially involved in whole of Manvi Taluka, Vimukti has made aware that every child has a fundamental right, right to education and other rights. Vimukti therefore has totally dedicated towards literacy and education of children as a part of a larger and integrated process of social, economic and political change and empowerment of such children.

As an initial step the Vimukti team decided to launch campaigns, with collaboration of education department at the panchyath level to eradicate child labor. Vimukti appealed the E.O and BEO of Manvi to send the circulars to all concern departments to observe June 12th as World Anti-child Labor day in all schools as well as in public places. It was a uphill task to Vimukti to create awareness among parents, teachers, children, and other people, along with NGOs, and government officials to join their hands to work together to root out this prevalent social evil. Vimukti animators volunteered themselves to join few schools in guiding and preparing the anti child Labor Day’s celebration in a worthy manner. There were positive results in making the day special. The school children took active role in rallying in village streets carrying placards and spreading the message of “akshara Kalisi, shale serisi” translated as “Educate the children, enroll them in the school”. Efforts must be appreciated for begging such a remarkable step. Definitely we hope to see the good results of this hard work.

4. Vimukti club children care for the environment:
On 5th of June the world at large celebrates the World Environment Day. The aim of this environment day is to raise awareness to protect our mother earth from all evil hazards. There is a real challenge before us as we have to tackle environmental issues like climate change, global warming, human made disasters and outcomes, to give an end to production of harmful substances or chemicals, proper environmental governance, ecosystem management and natural resource sharing and so on.

Keeping all this in mind VCT children parliament volunteered to live more environment friendly in various ways especially by recycling waste, campaigning to save wildlife, uniting to clean up streets in the villages, by being kind to animals and birds, to learn and study about nature and its components and generally to prove that together they can bring some change in the area that they live in.

Our VCT children have chosen to avoid the path of cynicism and apathy in this regard. They want to think green and act green and they are making every effort to make their surroundings ever green. To begin with, they have listed few things to put in practice in their day to day lives especially they have decided not to waste Electricity, Water, to avoid pollution by dirtying the open places, to avoid damaging the public property, to avoid the use of plastic, and in turn to plant and grow variety of saplings and to keep clean neat an tide the environment.

5. Vimukti Children Parliament organizes awareness rally in Mudamaguddi:
On 24th Wednesday 2015 VCT Children Parliament group organized an awareness rally in Mudammaguddi village, on behalf of creating awareness on growing infant mortality, violation of child rights, child trafficking, child marriage, child labour, illegal adoption, lack of quality education, and lack of health care, HIV infected children and so on. The rally was begun from Mudammaguddi primary school and they went through the prime areas of the village. Hundreds of students participated in the rally, carried banners and placards showing the importance of “promoting and Protecting child Rights” to local people. The children also cried out loud the slogans to protect the environment for a healthy living. The rally was pre-planned under the leadership of Vimukti staff. The program was held at the school auditorium. More than 358 students participated in the rally and received assistance from the program. Poor and dropout children were given free note-books, pencils, pens and educational materials to mark this event.

6. From child labour to the School:
Due to the ceaseless effort of vimukti, 15 children of Dalits were brought back from work to the school. There was much needed satisfaction and immense joy as all the 15 children were admitted in the competent schools. But there was also a bit of struggle to keep 6 children in a hostel, who escaped twice, as they found difficult to live in a different atmosphere. However, gradually we saw the changes in these children and now they are comfortable and living happily in the hostel.

7. New dustbin is made available at Karabdinni School
Practically Karbadinni Government School had no dustbin in their school compound, so the children used to throw the filthy and wastage on the main road. As result the passersby had to cover their nose due to bad stench and also notice the garbage everywhere on the road. Children's parliament of that locality identified this issue, discussed about this in their meeting and reported it to the school headmaster. Surprised by the initiatives taken by the children, the school administration board supported the children and engaged the matter with Vimukti center. This great act was well appreciated by Vimukti, further the children went around their village asking villagers to contribute their share to buy the new dustbins. Thus the parliament children effort was much applauded by everyone and as the fruit of their labor the children have contributed 2 dustbins to the school. Congrats dear children for the great work and the initiative taken…..

8. Children parliament members celebrate Teacher’s Day at Muddammaguddi village:
Dear loving Teacher, you are a source of inspiration and strength for me...Children parliament members from Muddammaguddi village celebrated Teachers day with great pomp and in a festive way. Mrs. Arogyamma, Miss. Kavitha, Mrs. Anapurnswri, Mr. Ramanna, the school teachers and student’s representatives were the chief guests of the day were present on the dais. Children parliament president Sandesh anchored the programme. The felicitation event began with the lighting of the lamp followed by student representative’s speech. In the speech Kiran the student representative said that the Teachers play a vital role in forming the students to be responsible citizens of tomorrow and leading them towards their brighter future. The teachers make their students better human beings of the society. It is impossible to imagine the students’ life without teachers. They help the students to lay a strong foundation in building their lives. We can never thank our teachers enough for their immense share and might in a student’s life. Teacher's Day is especially celebrated to show our love, reverence and acknowledgement for all the efforts and hard work put in by our teachers towards our growth. The Speech was followed by a cultural programme which consisted of colorful varieties of performances by the talented students. Venkatesh (5th std) and Sandesh (6th std), two lovely talented among the children parliament enthralled the audience with their melodious singing, Western dance and skit. As a sign of gratitude and love to all the teachers mementoes were given away for their hard work and wholehearted service. After the short felicitation, students of class seventh arranged games for the teachers like musical chair and treasure hunt. Later a number of teachers expressed their thoughts, views and experiences addressing the gathering. At the end of the programme the secretary of cultural committee gave vote of thanks and thus overall this event was of a great success and memorable one.

9. Swacch Abhyan Campaign at karbdinni School
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is most necessary and important part of our lives. We know the journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step. Keeping this thought in mind the children parliament team with the collaboration of school children conducted cleanliness campaign to maintain the school environment clean, neat and tidy. Moreover, number of students joined in this noble task while cleaning the classrooms and the surrounding. Further, the school children made a firm decision that they would keep their surroundings ever clean. The objective of this campaign was to realize the fact that action speaks louder than words and it is an apt time to act upon rather than merely complaining. Accordingly the child parliament had well planned and executed the cleanliness program with the full-fledged co-operation and support of the school children. We congratulate them for their initiative. Let the zeal and the good spirit may ever continue in the mind and hearts of the children and the team.

10. Students enjoy visit to police station:
Vimukti child right clubs children visited Police Station on Thursday, 19th November, 2015 to understand the functioning of the Police Station as part of our Programme of Inquiry. Police Sub-Inspector Tippanna spoke to the children about how a police station functions. Students visited the control room, Jail, FIR room and other facilities at the Police Station.

Initially the children were very serious when they entered the Police Station, but when they interacted with Sub-Inspector Tippanna, they found that the policeman are friendly and approachable. The children even asked questions to Sub-Inspector Tippanna like how you catch a thief, why you were khaki uniform, how the control room and wireless works very effectively, etc and Sub-Inspector was very happy to answer them. The Police officers also explained the children the various responsibilities to provide safety for communities and to protect the safety of individuals. A polceman upholds the law, helps to protect personal property, and maintains order. They also help children who are lost to find their parents, and to know the various rights which are constituted by the Indian government. The job of the policeman can be dangerous, as they are faced with unpredictable situations daily. The policeman puts his / her, own safety at risk every day in order to protect us. They may work in police stations and are a visible, peace-keeping presence in our communities. The children had also privilege to know about the arms and ammunition like gun, pistol etc...

One of the primary things children learn on a police station field trip is personal safety. They learned how to call 911 in an emergency, ways to protect them and how to avoid dangerous situations. Children also learn what happens when a person is arrested, how police equipment works and how it helps officers do their job. They learned about the duties of a police officer, including those when he is on patrol and when he is at the station. Field trips are also an effective way to reinforce book learning and help children remember important information.
The Vimukti staff who accompanied these children thanked the police department for spending their precious time with the children and giving the important information about their life, duty and the responsibility. On the whole it was a fruitful a day-out to Vimukti club children. 98 children benefited from this program.

11. Child right’s Club celebrated Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan at Jeenur School:
Vimukti along with child right clubs Jeenoor celebrated swacch bharat abhiyaan with much enthusiasm and fervor on Thursday. About 300 students participated and benefitted from this program.

Taking this initiative a step ahead, students of Jeenoor have taken the initiative beyond classrooms. Students were enthusiastic after they cleaned their schools and were eager to step out to ensure that the village is also maintained clean. They were explained about the need to keep the surrounding clean, with the increasing number of illness. Child right club children decided to create awareness outside the school as well. Child right club children gathered and walked from the school to their village, armed with brooms and ensured that every nook and corner of the village was spic and span. Children also spread the message of maintaining a clean surrounding of the village. A session was conducted by Mr. Charlie Vimukti animator by highlighting the need for hygiene but also taught ten simple methods to clean and wash hands. This made the children more enthusiastic about the whole process.



12. Child rights club children took out AIDS and HIV awareness rally at Mudammaguddi:
Child right club children from Muddammguddi, Organized HIV/AIDS awareness rally on 16th of December 2015. The children took out a rally to create awareness about AIDS and importance of hygiene among villagers. The students walked in the lanes of the village and made people aware about myths related to HIV and AIDS. The villagers also appreciated the initiative and took active part in the informative session.

Other than students, faculty of the school including Head master, Mr.Basavraj, Mr. Subasha SDMC President, Vimukti Staff Mrs.Jecintha and several others took part in the initiative. It is important to mention here that child rights club children conducted a week-long awareness, street play, cum informative drive in Muddammaguddi village from December 11 to 15. Under the banner of Vimukti charitable Trust, the aim behind the camp is to create awareness about health, prevention from deadly diseases and hygiene among the villages. On day one, AIDS and HIV awareness rally was taken out while other events are schedule on other days. Students also educate the villagers about their constitutional and voting rights during the drive. Environment awareness, child abuse, child violation, child labour, children rights and health awareness etc. children also went in a procession spread the message of need for maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings of residences.


Activities and Achievements of Children’s Parliament at Pothnal 2013

Child Welfare Programs

  1. The Inauguration of Vimukti Children’s ‘Parliament’ and the Release of the Book, “Vimukti Children’s Voice”
    On 13th January 2013 the children of fourteen villages arrived at the Vimukti premises at 9.30 a.m. various events and competitions were organized on this day. First, there was the clay model exhibition on science which was held at the Sneha Jyothi School premises. A speech competition was also arranged. Many children took active part and gave inspiring and thought provoking speeches.

    In the evening at 5.00, the cultural programme commenced. The Anugraha convent children invoked God`s blessings on the programme through a prayer dance. Rev. Fr. Sathish Fernandes, the director of Vimukti, with his introductory words brought to the notice of all present that the programmes for the Vimukti children were done in and through the help and support of the Ensemble Agissons.

    Mr. Daniel Helbert, the President of Ensemble Agissons, France released the Book: “Vimukti Makkala Dwani,” (“Vimukti Children’s Voice”). This little book includes a lot of articles, poems, short stories, jokes and other information. Mr. Daniel Helbert then inaugurated the Children’s Parliament movement, and Mr. S.H. Kopparada the Taluka E.O., inaugurated the other programmes that followed.

    The children honoured Mr. P. Paramesh, the reporter of the “Suddhi Mula” daily newspaper. Children who secured the highest marks in S.S.L.C. (10th Std.) examinations, out of fourteen villages, were honoured and given prizes. The children of the Vimukti children’s parliament, Muddangudi, presented a drama on the children’s parliament.

    The Taluka Panchayath officer, Manvi, Mr. S.H. Kopparada spoke on the holistic developmental programme undertaken by Vimukti in rural areas for the children and appreciated it as a wonderful task and initiative. The chief guest Mr. Shridhar Doddi the S.I. of Manvi said that in rural areas very few raise their voices for the children and their problems. However, Vimukti set an example to others by making the children of the villages aware of their talents, and helped them to grow up in many ways. Fr Jerald Lobo O.F.M. Cap., the Administrator of the Karnataka Province, Bangalore, drew the attention of all to the humble beginning of Pothnal church and mission, and appreciated the present scenario, in spite of all the hardships and struggles.

    During the programme, the members of Ensemble Agissons were honored and given a memento. Mr. Daniel Albert, the President, addressing the gathering stated that “the children are the biggest and important resources, and therefore a good future must be assured for every child.” Mrs. Bernadette Helbert, Mrs. Jattiot Lilly, the vice president, Fr. Santa Lopez, Fr. Robin Lopez, the Superior of Clara Vihar, Pothnal, Rev. Sr. Nirmala, the Superior of Anugraha Convent were on the dais. Dance competitions were held at 6.00 p.m. and at last Mrs. Veronique, the member of Ensemble Agissons, France handed over the prizes to the winners of senior and junior category respectively. Mr. Jayasheela, the Vimukti coordinator conducted the prize distribution. The Vimukti staff Mr. Arogyappa anchored the programme. All the Vimukti staff members were also involved actively and worked for the success of this event, which ended at 8.00 p.m.

  2. Free the Child Laborers: Voice from Children’s Parliament Members
    “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one” - Malcom Forbes

    Everyone has the right to education. Education should be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education is compulsory. Parents have the right to choose the kind of education they should impart to their children. In this fast technical world, poverty has increased. It seems that child labour will not end in the near future in spite of 12% or 15% increase in literacy. School drop-out ratio is also on the increase. In Raichur district there are nearly 30,000 child labourers, who are children in the age group between 8-14. They are working as daily wage labourers or as children pledged to the debt of parents (bonded labourers). Some work in factories, fields, and at their houses. Their childhood aspirations and dreams remain buried in their hearts. Such children do not get sympathy or tutelage from anyone. They become victims of social disregard that makes them live in misery. Children work at the cost of their health because they have long hours of work, slavery, lack of protection and continuous physical and mental torture. The children are working in open fields under the burning sun, plucking cotton, chilly, carrying mud, grazing cattle, cuttings vegetation and doing the household works within the framework of a kitchen. Children are working in manufacturing process too. These children are concealed in the comforts and luxuries of others. There is a total lack of conducive atmosphere at work and total disregard for their right to education.

    After a critical survey, Vimukti has taken an initiative in this regard to promote universalization of primary education, freeing the child labourers. This programme was taken up with the co-operation of the children’s parliament members who organized the rally this year in Udbal Village. All our club-children were present at this rally. It began with a small in-put session. Carrying the placards all marched through the main roads of Udbal. The Programme proper was held at the Government higher primary school premises. 50 children were enrolled in the school of which 35 were regular and 21 are now enrolled in the primary school in various standards as per their growth. The dignitaries on the dais greatly appreciated the members of children’s parliament for their development work in literacy, vocational skills, like tailoring and crafts, acting and dancing etc,

  3. Plant a Tree Campaign
    Stephen Girard says: “If I knew I should die tomorrow, I would plant a tree today.”

    Trees are not only important to human beings they are also essential for the very existence of any other species on the planet. Unfortunately we are cutting down millions of trees every day without giving a thought to replace them. “Plant a tree today and save our planet” is a unique project Vimukti has initiated in and around Pothnal, and the surrounding villages. Vimukti aims at protecting the fragile environment by planting 2850 saplings over a period of two years.

    A campaign was organized at Sunknoor lower Primary school on 26th and 28th July 2013 at Markamdinni Village by the Vimukti Charitable Trust along with Children’s parliament members, to create an awareness against the cutting down of trees and of the need to preserve trees. ‘Plant a tree’ has been an extraordinary experience for us. Vimukti has been able to see the joy of our children who want to do something for the environment. To mark this event, nearly 960 saplings were distributed to various schools in Manvi Taluka.

  4. Health Check-up Camp:
    A free health checkup camp was held by the VCT here on 18th of October 2013. Sr. Nirmala inaugurated the camp. She said that the medical service is a noble one and the medical fraternity is engaged in curing the illnesses of the suffering humanity.

    As many as 158 children having health related problems were checked and given medical advice by the eminent Dr. Chandra Shekar from Pothnal PHC. The members of the medical representatives’ association offered the service as volunteers and also distributed free medicines. Most of the children suffer from eye and tooth problems. Doctors gave awareness programme on cleanliness.


  5. Children’s Camp
    A two day’s residential camp was conducted at Vimukti on 17th and 18th October 2013. With the best of organizations and resource persons both days were a huge success. Around 325 children between 9 to15 years of age participated in the camp. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Being well aware of the fact that the best way to teach the students is through what they want to learn. Our Vimukti children proudly initiated the co-curriculum Extra-curriculum activities like dance, music, singing, yoga, drawing, and other activities. As the enriching and revitalizing power of these activities was already palpable in the students, Vimukti tried to give these children a bit of value education and personality development skills during their holidays.


  6. Two Days Work-out for the Members of Children’s Parliament
    The Vimukti charitable trust has been the vehicle for gathering and socializing the people especially the children by various means and measures. We can say that the Vimukti Pothnal is now in a better position to do so than ever. The credit must be given to the director and the Vimukti staff for their ceaseless effort and hard work.

    For the smooth functioning of the children’s parliament and for its better effectiveness, the Vimukti organization held two days of training for the children’s parliament at the Vimukti premises. The director addressing the participants in the introductory talk insisted that the students must get the maximum benefit from this training. Sufficient interest must be shown and discipline must be kept up, he said. From the 10 villages of Pothnal there were about 180 students who partook in this training.

    Small groups were made for the discussions and many activities were taken up in the groups. Various documentaries were shown to them on how to organize themselves, how to deal with the various issues they face in their lives. They were given clear picture of how a parliament functions at a higher level. The participants had the opportunity to hear a resourceful guest in the person of Mr. Sudarshan, the Children’s Parliament Dept., UNICEF, Raichur, who explained to them various benefits of the parliament. As for instance, when the children are deprived of their rights they could discuss about the problems in the parliament and find a solution or call helpline 1098 to bring problem to the notice of the concerned authorities.

    Sr. Nirmala, the honorable guest of the day enlightened the children about the health and hygiene, the importance of cleanliness. Rev Fr. Antony Raj in his address had a word of appreciation to the institute and its staff, for what they are to the children and all that they do for them. This institute has contributed its share in the education, leadership and talent mobilization of the children which is remarkable from its part. Overall, this event was a memorable one as 180 participants benefited from this training.

  7. Two Students Selected for State-level Children’s Parliament Contest!
    The Vimukti Charitable Trust Pothnal has something very positive to share with the readers. It has been working well for the development of the children in the various villages, and recently it has come up with a unit of the ‘children’s parliament’ which is a new attempt for creating an awareness among children about the issues afflicting the society and for bringing some changes in the society.

    In the present scenario we can think of some changes in the world only through the leadership of children but the question is how to go about it? Children’s Parliament gives a chance to speak for the children, by the children and of the children. It serves as a platform for the children to develop the leadership skills, confidence, team spirit, analytical skills and maturity. VCT aims at making the children aware of the powers of a parliamentary democracy. They would know how to be the responsible citizens and the importance of involving themselves in community affairs. Towards this end, a District level children’s parliament training was held at Raichur on 28th of October. There were 90 children representatives from various NGOs, Schools and various institutes to discuss the issues on children’s rights and how they are violated in Raichur District. Children raised the issues such as deficiency of nutrients in children, lack of safety in school buildings, transport-related problems, and rehabilitation of children in the context of the Act to prevent Child Labour, Child Marriage, child drop outs, etc. Children were given the opportunity to discuss in groups and after which a report was presented before the District officials. Children came up with various questions which were eye openers to the officials to work more vigilantly. VCT children took active part and made the session more effective and vibrant. As a result two students from VCT were selected for the State- level children’s parliament contest to be held at State level Legislature in Bangalore.

    Shivanda Gowda, the son of Hanumantha and Chennamma, the daughter of Yellamma from the High School Pothnal were selected in the district-level contest recently by the Child Rights Watch Banaglore and Unicef Raichur. They would speak on the issues faced by the children in Raichur district of the state in children’s Parliament contest in Bangalore on 23rd November 2013.


  8. Vimukti Children’s Parliament Voices their Demands Loud and Clear to MLAs and MLCs at State Level:
    “Opportunities are like the ocean, have the joy of swimming in it and reach the shore of success”.

    It is not every day that one gets to see Karnataka MLAs and MLCs Ministers answering a series of questions posed by none other than children. However, this is exactly what happened on November 23rd Friday, at the Conference Hall No. 333, Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore, when the Kimmane Rathnakara the Primary education Minister, Umashree, the Women and child Development and along with other Ministers were grilled by around 60-odd-children from different parts of Karnataka, on various issues pertaining to child rights. Along with several members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) and members of the legislative council MLCs participated in the discussion, in which the children representatives took the centre stage. Along with the MLAs, Sri Manohar Maski, Sri Ne. La. Narendrababu, Sri Basavaraja Horatti, Sri. Viranna Mathikatte, Sri Mukhya Mantri Chandru, Sri Harris and other legislative assembly and legislative council members were also present. UNICEF Hyderabad representatives Dr. Prasun Sena, Dr. Padmini, Mr. Umesh Radhya, the Chairperson of the Karnataka State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR), members of the NGOs and media were also present. The ministers and their colleagues signed their commitment on the Child Rights Commitment poster and inaugurated the programme.

    The event was part of the state-level Children's Parliament hosted at Vidhana Soudha for almost two hours—11.00 am to 1.00pm. The unique attempt to help children raise their issues directly in front of the highest policy makers was a collective attempt by the Karnataka State Legislators’ Forum for Child Rights, Karnataka Child Rights Observatory (KCRO) and supported by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Hyderabad. For the second time in the state, Ministers held consultation with the children directly and listened to their problems in the Vidhana Soudha, the epicenter of power.

    Be it the low-quality food supplied at anganwadi centres, or the discrimination faced by HIV-positive children, the young participants at the session minced no words in bringing forth the issues related to school-going children across Karnataka. The other topics which figured during the interaction between the Ministers and the children included lack of infrastructural facilities in schools, lack of good quality teachers in schools, problems faced by disabled children, stray dog menace, poor health care facilities, education of migrated children, human trafficking, female feticide, lack of transportation facilities and ban on liquor, to name a few.
    If 14 year old Shivanada Gowda, a student of High School Pothnal complained of the huge amount of corruption involved in the supply of food to anganwadi centres by highlighting the involvement of teachers in selling off food meant for children, then another teenager expressed his plight at being thrown out of his school, after he was found to be HIV positive.

    The courage and conviction with which the children addressed the questions to the Ministers left everyone baffled. Right from the politicians, bureaucrats to activists, everyone present at the event praised the children for their in-depth knowledge of ground realities, and passion to solve their problems.

    The Ministers, after listening to the children patiently, assured them that their issues would be addressed immediately. Ministers also asked the children to write to the concerned Ministers directly whenever they faced any kind of discrimination or violations of their rights.

    As part of the Children's Parliament, young participants were provided a day-long time on 14th November to interact among themselves and present issues on priority basis to be discussed with the ministers. This coincided with the Children’s Day celebration all over the country. Many of the children who participated in the state level children’s parliament felt that the momentum now created should not die down with this particular programme, rather the process of children’s representatives meeting the Chief Minister and other cabinet ministers with their demands should become a regular feature every year


  9. Inauguration of HOBBY CLUB
    “A man’s capability is judged by his hobbies”

    The hobby club, as the name suggests, emphasizes and motivates the students to have one or more hobbies and nurture their interests. Therefore Vimukti inaugurated the hobby club on 17th November 2013. This brought together several children from in and around Pothnal. The function was graced by the several eminent figures on dais, concerned with the welfare of under privileged children.

    A good number of competitions like mimicry, singing, dancing, drawing, speech etc were held. They helped to bring out the talents and aptitudes of children. It was a unique day for the Vimukti Children.


  10. Sports Day:
    “It is not the medals; it is the sense of participation that counts.”
    As the students are busy in their studies all through the year, the Vimukti center decided to give some relaxation to them through a sports day. The day began with the stage programme. The Vimukti director, referring to the quotation from the Bible (I Corinthians 9:24) said, “All run at the stadium, but only one gets the prize, run as if to win”. He urged and encouraged the children in his speech telling them that when study and physical exercise go together, the students grow holistically. He requested the children to play a clean game and congratulated them for the keen interest they show in sports. This fosters friendliness and broadmindedness among the participants, he added. Prizes were distributed for the winners and the program came to an end with the national Anthem.


  11. Identity Card to the Parliament Children:
    Each and every children’s parliament member was given an identity card that carried all the details of the responsibilities of the child to be carried out in the parliament sessions. The staff distributed these cards and explained to the students the need and requirement of this card and requested everyone not to lose it but preserve it till the end. The identity card is also an identity of the students belonging to the Vimukti center and also an image presenting device.






Ongoing Programs:

  1. Co-Curricular Activities in the Clubs:
    Along with the tuitions, the VCT gives importance to the co-curricular activities. The students participated in various competitions like vocabulary, drawing, greeting cards making, general quiz, quiz on history, dictation, storytelling competition, speech competition, creative writing, facial expression, hand writing, rhymes etc. The winners were honored with prizes.


  2. Non- formal Education:
    Literacy is very important for the development of the individual and for the nation as well. A literate or educated person has a high self esteem. He or she is fairly independent and is aware of his/her rights and duties. With these sentiments, brothers from Clara Vihar, Pothnal, have started non-formal evening classes in the Vimukti campus. The classes started on 8th July 2013 with 28 Children and a lady teacher. Today, it has nearly 48 Children from our neighboring villages.
    Classes are conducted for these children, every day evening from 6.00 to 7.00. These children have shown great progress and a lot of interest in learning and literacy. I thank all the brothers for their dedicated service and wish them all best of luck in everything they do.


  3. Formation and Strengthening of Children’s Clubs:
    One of the main programmes of child friendly project is the formation of the children’s clubs. In all our 16 villages we have the children’s clubs functioning fortnightly. Five animators are handling the project helping out the children in clubs and other child related programmes in schools and community. The main aim is to tap children’s potentialities and capabilities in accordance with their talents and thereby build up their capacities and abilities to take initiatives. The children lack basic guidance and direction and therefore every child needs a wholesome growth (i.e. personality, education, general knowledge, cleanliness, creativity and the like). So the project tries to guide the children for a successful future through Saturday clubs. Students above 4th grade participate in these clubs. Through their participation in these clubs they will be more studious and active in other school activities. Altogether there are 1300 children in the clubs.


  1. Case Study: 1
    Children Play the Role of Agents of Change in Community:

    Devipura, a small village in Raichur District of Karnataka, is one of the villages where the Vimukti undertakes investigations on Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhea, TB etc. This village had no proper drainage system and cleanliness was not maintained. As a result people were attacked by dreadful diseases. Within a month, we found 68% of the total population affected by Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhea, TB etc. All families were given the medication and advised to use mosquito nets and to keep the surroundings clean. But a very few families were able to use the mosquito nets. This was the time when the children’s parliament members got together and devised a plan to tackle the problem. They submitted the memorandum to the Grama Panchyath president Mr. Sharanappa. Meanwhile they performed small street plays in their villages on the various issues to prevent Malaria and Dengue, demonstrating proper use of clean water and mosquito nets. Exhibiting their talents, the children subtly emphasized the significance of using nets. The children initiated the group visits to the households, every evening, to check the usage of nets and clean water and convince the families to use them. Within a short time, the children were able to bring about a considerable change in the situation and make the adults understand the need for compliance. Eventually all households in the village began to use the nets and clean water.
    At present, the children, along with the staff, meet once in fifteen days to clean off the water logging areas around the bore wells and gutters. The children had a rally to reinforce Malaria prevention issues related to personal protection measures and early diagnosis and treatment.

    In a significant development, Malaria fever is minimized to a great extent in Devipura village and some credit must certainly be given to the relentless efforts of the children.

  2. Case Study: 2
    Vimukti Transformed My Life….

    “I am Mallaya, the son of Mr. Eranna and Mrs. Huchamma from Markamdeni village of Manvi taluka. I was a student of fifth std., eight years ago. I was forced to leave the school because my younger brother was suffering from mental disorders and hence there was no one to look after him. However, I had a lot of desire for regular studies but I could not fulfill it due to poverty and lack of personnel at home. But now though I am not a regular student at school, I feel satisfied that my quest for education is being met by Vimukti which renders free coaching classes in the evening from 4.30 to 5.30 every day. Now I am able to read and write again. When I look at the society today, there are many children like me who are deprived of the right to basic education. I appeal to the government agencies and the NGO’s to come forward to help them and illumine their lives.

    I am deeply indebted to the Vimukti, Mr. Charles and teacher Gowramma and the staff who supported and motivated me. I am thrilled to say that even though I am a 5th std. school dropout, and had forgotten the alphabets, now once again I have learnt how to read and write. I am proud of myself. My aspiration is to take care of my beloved parents and to live a good life.

  3. Case Study: 3
    Back to School After One Year Break:

    A 9 year old Shivraj, son of Husenappa and Amaramma hailing from Baniganoor Raichur District, Manvi Taluka shares his experience how he came across Vimukti and found aim in his life.

    “When I was studying in my 9th Std., my mother was suffering from typhoid. And there was no one to take care of me and send me to the school. This made me lose interest in going to the school. Instead I began to roam around with my friends. Though my sickly mother used to shout at me and tell me to go to the school, I was taking my lunch box daily and spend my time with my friends, and by evening, as usual, return home. I was also watching movies at night with my friends. When my mother came to know this she scolded me, so I decided to run away from home and work in a hotel. I worked for a hotel almost for a year, and on one fine evening as I was supplying food to the customers, I met the Vimukti staff who showed interest in me and learnt that I am a school drop-out. He requested the hotel owner to send me home so that I can go to school again. The very next day I went back home and my mother readmitted me to the school. Now I am perusing my studies and extremely happy to do so. I wish to study well and hope for a bright future. I am very grateful to the Vimukti staff, Mr. Charlie, who changed my life by motivating me love education again.


  1. Child Labour &Child Drop-out Issues:
    Along with the children’s clubs and parliaments, the liberation of child labourers and child drop-out issues are of primary interest. Both these issues are widespread in our working area. In every village where we work, a systematic survey of child labourers and child dropout was undertaken. Vimukti was very strong in raising the issue of child labour and child dropout at the concerned Government Departments.


  2. Panchayat President Mr. Vekatesh Nayak Fulfils the Children’s Parliament Request:
    The Muddammaguddi primary school lacked drinking water facility for its students. The children had to walk a kilometer to have a glass of water. The children’s Parliament of that village decided to address this issue faced by the children, and they approached the Panchayat President, Mr. Vekatesh Nayak for help. He could not refuse this pressing demand of the children. The President made sure that a water tank and fresh drinking water facility is available at the school premises. Thanks to the children’s parliamentarians and the Panchayat Persident.


  3. Bringing Light to Our Steps:
    The children's parliament took notice of the Muddamaguddi village in Raichur district grope in darkness for a long time. The children couldn’t study. The electrical poles and wires were not in good condition. This affected both the children and the elders. The children’s parliamentarians gave a petition to the ward member and kept on reminding him. This initiative of children brought twelve new street lights to the village, with proper wires and poles installed.

  4. Integrated Toilet for Women and Children:
    The women and children had to use the open place for defecation. This is a common phenomenon in these villages. But the members of the children’s parliament of the Markamdinni village decided to do all that is possible for them to ensure the privacy of women and children of the village. The children’s parliament took the lead to bring the issue to the notice of the Panchayat administration by giving a strong memorandum. The Panchayat now has given hope that they will look after matter without fail.

  5. A Clean School Environment:
    The students of the Government Primary School of the Muddammaguddi village had been littering the school premises, and the school did not have the water facility. The children's parliaments of the area appealed to Mr. Vekatesh Nayak, the Panchayat president in the Grama Sabha meeting stressing on the need of a clean school environment and a water facility in the premises. Thanks to the children and Panchayat, the children’s needs in the school are fulfilled.


  6. Rescue of Child Labourers:
    We found 35 children who were employed as workers in the wayside Tiffin and tea stalls, flaking cotton, and grazing cattle. They are now enrolled as the beneficiaries of the Sarva Siksha Abhian (SSA) Scheme. Some of them were not willing to attend the regular classes. Therefore, we have made a suggestion to the government to devise a syllabus for such children taking into account their situation and needs.

  7. Anganwadi Teacher’s Visit Ensured:
    An Anganwadi teacher was found absent for a long time in Dothrabaddi village. The children’s parliament members of that locality took notice of her absence, discussed about it in their meetings and took the matter to the leader of the village, who took the necessary action and the teacher is back to her duty, regularly. Thanks to the children’s parliament members.

  8. Bringing Dropouts to School
    Two girl children from Devipur village, completed the10th standard and dropped out for a year. The children along with the staff discussed about this dropout issue in their parliament and approached their parents, and motivated them to send their children back to school. We approached the headmaster to make the notebooks, textbooks and uniform available for them. Now they are studying in Fist P.U.C. Thus the children’s parliament members helped two girls to get their higher education.


  9. Basic Needs
    The children’s parliament of Markamdinni village organized a rally on “SAVE MOTHER EARTH”. It was mainly an awareness programme for the village people on the conservation of water, plastic ban, cleanliness, health and hygiene. A memorandum was also submitted to the president of the village panchyath to repair the bore well and provide dust bins in front of the school.

  10. End to Women's and Children's Plight
    The plight of women and children walking a long distance to fetch the drinking water in Markamdhinni invited the attention of the children’s parliamentarians. The children approached the Panchayat president and requested him to take the earliest action possible. A bore well is dug and the hand pump is fixed to solve the issue. Thanks to the initiatives of the parliamentarians!

  11. Benefits of Government Bhagya Lakshmi Scheme:
    The main aim of the scheme is to help women from the economically weaker sections of the society. They should come forward to avail the benefits of the Bhagya Lakshmi scheme and ensure a secure future for their girl children. Women in the society are subjected to a severe mental and physical harassment if they fail to bear a male child. Some traditional customs practiced over the centuries induce people to discriminate against girls, maintaining a deplorable disparity and injustice between genders. This made the government to launch the ambitious Bhagya Laxmi bond. Knowing the importance of this scheme the staff helped two children to receive the benefits.


  12. Shifting of Garbage from Road:
    The main road at Karabdinni had been stinking due to the uncleared garbage and waste water stagnating beside the road, creating major problem for the residents. The students and people use the same road to reach their destinations. Though the problem was brought to the notice of the concerned people, no change was brought in so far. Therefore Karabdinni children’s parliament discussed the issue in the meeting and cleansed the place, and the people appreciated their work.

  13. Knock the Door of the Government Scheme:
    The P.U.C students from Pothnal, Mudammaguddi, and Karbaddinni went to the Grama Panchayth and knocked the door of the government scheme. The students gave a petition to their ward member and kept on reminding him about the SC/ST scholarship amount from the government. After a long awaited period, the scheme has brought broad smiles on the faces of the students. Nearly150 students received Rs.78,000/- from the government.


  14. Availing Government Facility:
    In the Muddamaguddi village, the children’s parliament leaders along with other children went to the Grama Panchyath and demanded the caste certificates. As a result 76 children received the caste certificates.


  15. Child Marriage Averted:
    On definite information the Vimukti staff rushed to the Chagbavi village’s Malikarjuna temple where the engagement of a 15 year old girl studying in the X standard with a 25 year old man was to take place. The girl is the daughter of Mr. Mudukappa and Mrs. Laxmi, the residents of chagbavi village and the boy was the son of Mr. Amresha Nayaka. The staff persuaded the parents of the girl not to conduct the child marriage. The staff explained to them the legal implications of a child marriage, and the consequences on the girl. They were informed that under the law the minimum age of marriage for a girl is the completion of 18 years. After a long discussion and persuasion the staff succeeded to convince the parents of the girl and they agreed to hold the marriage of their daughter only after she completed the age of 18 years. To make things certain, the staff member, Jaysheel, requested them to give it in writing before the witnesses.

  16. Creating Awareness on Growing Trees:
    The children's parliaments of Mudammaguddi, Karbdinni, Sunknoor and Markamddinni villages have been actively promoting the planting of trees and arrest falling of trees. So far, 225 saplings have been planted near the schools, public places and on the road sides, by the efforts of the local children’s parliaments.


  17. Boy Rescued from Bonded Labour:
    On 20th August when Vimukti staff was on the way back from Harvi Manvi taluka, he observed a boy who was plucking cotton in the field. On enquiry, Ramesh, the owner of the field said he found the boy abandoned at the bus stand in the town a few months ago and brought him home. He made the boy do the house hold chores, without sending him to school. After a long discussion, Ramesh agreed to send the boy to the Government school. Regular follow up is done by the staff Jaysheel Dotharabandi.

  18. Another School Dropout
    In Markamdinni village, the Children’s Parliament leaders found a dropout child who is very much interested in continuing her studies. The members of the Parliament spoke with the family members and motivated her parents to send her to school again.

  19. Markamdinni now Stands Quenched!
    The residents of Markamdinni village of Raichur district suffered water shortage due to a salty water motor which the Panchayat had left unrepaired. The children’s parliamentarians of the locality, taking notice of the plight of the residents appealed to the Panchayat leader Mrs. Hannumama. The motor was repaired. And the residents of the village appreciated the work of the parliamentarians!


  20. Garbage Dump Gives Way to Village Road:
    The village road at Udbal had been stinking due to the uncleared garbage and waste water stagnating besides the road creating a major problem for the residents. This was the major cause for many diseases in the area. The students and the people use the same road to reach their destinations. Though the problem was brought to the notice of the concerned people, nothing was done. Therefore, the Udbal children’s club along with the help of the Vimukti staff gave a memorandum to the Panchayath President. The president harkened the voice of the children and the garbage place was turned into a beautiful road to the village. The people of the village appreciated the heroic work of the children.


  21. Involvement of Villagers in Total Cleanliness Programme:
    The wholehearted participation of villages in the implementation of the total cleanliness programme was necessary to keep the villages clean and free from diseases. The Vimukti children’s parliament and club children got together and organized jointly the cleanness programme in the Karbdinni Village. The president of the children’s parliament said in his speech that the good health is the good outcome of the good environment which keeps us far from all kinds of diseases. The unclean environment is the storehouse of epidemics and many dreaded diseases. Further, he said, it is every one’s duty to contribute in a positive way for keeping the village clean. He suggested that the practice of open toilets should be ended paving the way for toilets in every house. The Vimukti animator Jecintha enlightened the children about the spread of infectious diseases. Therefore, it is the most sacred duty of every parent to keep himself/herself clean, keep his/her family members clean and keep his/her surroundings clean and help the entire village to be clean. The director suggested very strongly that all the villagers should be responsible, and demand information from the Gram Panchayath about the funds meant for constructing toilets.

  22. Residents Seek Road Repair:
    The dilapidated condition of the Pothnal Thoranadinni Road in the taluka has been creating a major problem for the residents of many villages who use the road regularly. The condition of the road had turned worst and dust menace too had been increasing. Huge pits and potholes developed on the road, creating problems for the vehicle movements. Crops such as cotton, jower, paddy, sugar cane etc., were grown in the fields beside the road and they were being affected due to the dust menace.
    A large number of people was dependent on this road to reach the taluk headquarters. But due to the pathetic condition of the road students reached late to schools and for people travel to towns was tedious. The officials were not taking notice of the condition of the road. Mr. Charlie, the Vimukti staff, took this great challenge, and submitted a memorandum, and demanded that the road be repaired at the earliest. As the fruit of his hard work within a short period the amount was sanctioned, but the work is yet to begin!

  23. Right to Information Act Used by Children’s Parliaments:
    Redress mechanism through the Right to Information Act, under process, no Child rights special Grama Sabhas was not held by the whole taluka of Manvi for the past three years. The Vimukti organization asked the concerned government department to use RTI in order to give the details to the Vimukti as early as possible. The Vimukti Director explained to the children how to use the Right to Information Act in order to get one’s Rights and entitlements from the government. This has strengthened the self confidence of the children in the villages.

  24. Sanitation Work in Two Villages
    When the rains began another problem surfaced. The lack of drainage and sanitation facilities caused the poorest families virtually to live in slush and mud. This also led to the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects. People were falling sick. The children’s parliament members came together to tackle this problem, under the leadership of their animators, and cleansed the road and canals.

  25. State level Involvement:
    Networking with the Government department and other likeminded NGO’s of the State, the members participated in the children’s rights’ issues and the RTE which was held in Bangalore. The plan was drawn up and each district was entrusted with certain responsibility to be carried out this year and to avail many government schemes.

  26. Awareness on Child Rights:
    In eight Government schools 442 boys and 321 girls were educated on child rights. They are very instrumental in bringing back the drop out students to the schools.

Future challenges

  1. Children’s Development along with their education

  2. Family up-liftment that is by strengthening total development and their living conditions in and around their house.

  3. Strive to eradicate poverty in the families and in the villages.

  4. Six more children’s parliament will be formed by the end of 2014 in our working areas.

  5. Formed children parliaments will be given follow up trainings.

  6. The development of villages through children parliaments.

  7. More involvement of the children at the state level for children parliament.

  8. Advocacy lobbying work at the local, panchyath, taluka and district level by way of memorandum.

  9. Change of focus from school level to village level.

Children’s Parliament in news………..



Vimukti Children Parliament at Pothnal

A New Trend- Child Parliament
The spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from without. It has to come from within. In true democracy every man and woman is taught to think for himself or herself. - M. K. Gandhi


Vimukti moves another Milestone!

Vimukti Charitable Trust Pothnal has something very positive to share to all the readers. It has been working well for the development of the children in various villages, and recently it has come up with a unit as the ‘children’s parliament’ which is a new trend to create a strong impact in bringing some changes in the society.

As the beautiful quote says If you see someone without a smile give one of yours is very applicable in the context of today`s world. We see many people especially the children who are without smile due to various reasons. We know many NGOs and other social work institutions work tirelessly for the people and among these the VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST Pothnal is one. This institute has brought smiles on the faces of many children of the villages in and around Pothnal. The institute has 14 villages in which 850 children who are the members of this club. As the members of this club they have benefitted in various ways. From the very start of this institute there are various programmes which are held to help the children.

The children in the village get tuition in the evenings and in the holidays tailoring and computer learning facilities and other exposure programs are done without failure. Step by step new methods are introduced in recent years. The vimukti helps each child to grow in all the stages of the development. The parents and the guardians have seen in their own eyes the changes in their children and excelling in their talents, education, behavior and in the standard of life.

VCT is progressing day by day and here we would like to share something very special as it laid foundation to form a new drift “children’s parliament”. It is for the first time introduced in the area of Pothnal. VCT has formed children parliament in 14 villages. Looking deeply of its benefits for the children this pace would work successfully. After all the most beneficiaries would be none other than the children themselves. They can bring changes in their lives, in their surroundings and in the society at large.

Traditionally the child has been seen as a dependent, invisible and passive family member. Only recently he or she has become ‘seen’ and, furthermore, the movement is growing to give him or her space to be heard and respected. Dialogue, negotiation, participation have come to the forefront of the common action for children.

The need to empower children is accepted and well recognized by everyone. The children need more learning opportunities to understand their rights enshrined in the Constitution of India and other International Conventions and also to experience democracy in a participatory way. They need to be taken into confidence, and be involved in the affairs of the villages, schools and Panchayats, if a meaningful empowerment is intended for them. It is a movement of children who are self-confident and believe that they can come together, think, analyze socio¬political happenings at a certain level, speak about them and make decisions and act on them together.

We know that the children’s parliament is a powerful force in the present day society. It can directly involve eradicating multiple defects and evils of the society. As the children are the future citizens of the society this new trend trains them to be effective instruments of the society. The Vimukti Pothnal has greatest satisfaction as it formed children’s parliament. And it wishes best to the smooth functioning of this movement.

What is Children's Parliament?
It is a movement of children who are self-confident and believe that they can come together, think, analyze socio¬political happenings at a certain level, speak about them and make decisions and act on them together. It is a movement by children to protect their right to life, health, freedom, security and participation. It is a movement of children that enjoys the support of elders who believe that children's participation in matters that affect their lives is essential for a meaningful social democracy.

Why Children's Parliament?
Democracy is governance with the participation of all in a meaningful way. But today, it is money and muscle power that rules. There is no chance for participation of the poor, the marginalized, dalits, the tribals and the women. This needed to be challenged and changed. And that needs to begin with the young, the children. That is why Children's Parliaments are needed. Participatory democracy has to be learnt from the beginning, and in a practical way. As we know that the children are the future of a nation. If the children in the young age are initiated into this programme, they can surely wipe out the existing deep trenches of inequality, injustice and discrimination of caste, colour etc. thus they can be the building blocks of social harmony and equality.

This children’s Parliament by its dynamic action can be a productive tool to approach the current problems of the time. We usually see, in the marginalized zones, there are few people who dare to come front picking up the problem and get it to the attention of the concerned authorities. Today, scopes are being widened for the better education of the children. In fact, the children are projected as the future of our society. There is lot of encouragement for the children, and their views are widely accepted. This Children’s Parliament can really change the face of our society by fighting for their rights and get in the desired change.

Vimukti Children’s Parliament Mission:

To obtain accurate evolution on the scope, nature and impact of Children’s parliament to Build, self esteem and self confidence for all children to be used in developing future legislative and programmatic interventions.

 To give independent voice for Child
 To develop leadership qualities at the tender age.
 To create awareness on their rights
 To improve their civic sense
 Improving their communication and negotiation skills.
 Building inter-personal relationship between children to children and children to Government.
 To create awareness on various issues in their Village
 To provide an arena for children to involve in action responses.


New Children Parliament Units

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner”. Les Brown
Since Children's Parliament (CP) gives ample opportunities for children's holistic development and sufficient socio¬political awareness and makes them responsible citizens with leadership qualities, we feel it is important that children parliaments should be established in as many villages as possible. This would increase the strength of participation in the wider sphere. Right guidance and animation in this field will make the children aware of the existing crisis, the socio-political doldrums and other issues which are not being dealt by the authorities, E.g. educational system and its function in these areas.
The initiation of the children into this parliament unit brings new vistas to look and hope for, as these children would indeed make a drastic change in the face of rising problems and difficulties. There is of course a wider room for the steady growth and development in the various fields of socio-economic domain and we can surely vouch for bringing in the change through the establishment of the children’s parliament programme.

Keeping this in mind, VCT formed new children’s parliament units in 11 villages, like Pothnal, Mudanagudi, Karabadhinni, Devipura, Eralagaddi, Nalagamdhinni, Dotharabandi, Utakanoor, Markamdhinni.



Training on Children parliament:

Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a cleverer devil. -C. S. Lewis

In the present world we can think of some change in the world only through the leadership of children question how? It’s very simple a latest organization called as the “Children’s Parliament” Children’s Parliament gives a chance to speak for the children, by the children and of the children. It serves as a platform for the children to develop leadership skills, confidence, team spirit, analytical skills and maturity. This is none other than an organization/movement for children. The Vimukti Charitable Trust, Pothnal has made children’s parliament in 11 villages and held a training session to all the children of this parliament in the Vimukti premise.

This training programme was aimed at making the children aware of the powers of a parliamentary democracy. They would know how to be a responsible citizen and the importance of involving themselves in community affairs.

The resource persons with their inputs shared that the Children could learn about the democratic processes, the right to vote, the law and the power of a fair ballot. In the coming years, they would also be educated on topics such as deficiency of nutrients in children, lack of safety in school buildings, transport-related problems, and rehabilitation of children in the context of Act to prevent Child Labour, Child Marriage etc.


Further resource Person also said that students could learn about the functioning of Parliament and role of Ministers and Members of Parliament for the betterment of the society. They would gain knowledge of how to address local issues with the elected representatives of civic bodies.

This is a new way for them as children to get rid of their rough ways and misbehavior as they get training on various leadership skills, capacity building and personal growth. They come together once a month for the parliament session. There they discuss the problems and issues that affect them as well as their area. They write the petition and give it to the concerned department personnel. They make sure that they get it done. This training was to make aware of rights and responsibilities as children. They also have to celebrate all religion’s festivals and important International days. Their main ambition is to grow to become good citizens of India.
This training was really a fruitful one and the Vimukti director thanked all those who helped him to organize systematically such an impressive training session. There were 250 children who benefited from this Training.

Parliament at the Grassroots (Bus Facility):
No doubt a children parliament is a strong force it has succeeded in getting what they wanted. Here we would like to bring to your notice its first achievement in the Pothnal area. In many of the villages in and around Pothnal, lack the proper transport facilities. People and especially the children are the most victims of this. Nalgamdinni, Iralagaddi, Utakanur, Karabadinni, Devipura, Muddanguddi, these village children face transport facilities and due to which, many a time they have to bunk the school and college. During peak hours in the morning as well as in the evening there is hardly any bus facility in these areas. That is why this children parliament approached the Taluka transport department, with its strong urge to do something concretely in time. For their pleading the unit head Mr .J. T. Choudari promised them to provide transport facility from October 21, 2012. The children parliament members warned them if they fail to fulfill their need, they will counter the head of transport ministry by way of protest. On this occasion Miss. Mamatha, Mr. Arogyappa, Mrs. Geeta Patil, Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Charlie were present.


This was indeed a drastic move in getting in touch with the serious problems. The CP has indeed showed its might and power and the challenging approach to these petty issues have made the children more concerned about their well being and at the same time responding to the demanding needs of the society. The VCT wishes that the children may be better equipped to respond to the various issues, thus, bringing a sign of relief and a pretty smile on the faces of hundreds of people who long to see such a amazing wonder being done right in their midst by the Children Parliament.

This first ingenious move will surely drive a strong impulse in making the people and even the government officials feel the importance and necessity of having such units of force and energy in putting away the woes and worries of people.

A Plead Towards The Fulfillment Of Basic Amenities In Markamdhinni Village
In the recent times health has played a vital role in facilitating the growth and the development of the society. A serene life is possible if only the living conditions are better taken care off. Many a times due to the lack of favorable and suitable living conditions the human life is deteriorated and humanity is at a loss. So it is very important to note that the fundamental human requirements are to be fulfilled at any cost. The pure drinking water is one of the basic amenities everywhere and in every way. There are lots of diseases occur due to impure consuming of water. In our targeted villages like Utaknur, Dotharbandi, Tadkal, Belavata, Sunkanur are the most affected areas which do not have proper basic amenities. Keeping this in mind the Vimukti organization led the children parliament to submit a note to P.D.O of the Gram Panchayat. This note included in detail –how the people from their area were affected due to the consumption of polluted water. The water is also stagnated around the roads and even the sides are so polluted with dirty water; sad to say that there are no drains to let the water out and make the road or even the area free-from- stagnant water problems. This has given rise to multiple chances of increase of mosquitoes and other pandemic diseases which spread everywhere. The P.D.O was asked to take note of these problems immediately. On this occasion the Vimukti staffs Charli, Mallamma Arogyappa and Jayasheela were present along with the members of child parliament.

Markamdhinni Children Parliament:
On 28th of November Children parliament members from Markamdhinni village, took lot effort cleaned the street and their school campus the people appreciated them.


Media Recognition
The CPs was given wide coverage in media. The newspapers, like Vijayakarnataka, Sayuntha Karnataka, Suddimula and Sanjavani. All appreciated the new venture as a very good way of empowering children in democracy and participation. We are very happy and satisfied that this innovative programme was a great success. This will surely enhance the participation and make known to the children the great benefits of this children’s unit towards better social functioning. We now like to start more CPs in many more villages and induct more children into CPs. We want the CPs to become a movement of the children that ensures their participation in issues that affect their lives directly or indirectly, now and later.

Greater the unity better the results, I think this would suffice our conviction in getting a strong hold over the children’s association and make them feel that they too have got a vital role to play in the society in eliminating the social vices and evils. The media coverage has really backed us up in carrying our message to a wider section of the society and makes our work more efficient and vigorous by getting more help and support from the people who can support this children’s unit.

Activities and achievements of children Parliaments in Pothnal

  • In Utakanoor village, Children parliament leaders found out a dropout child who is very much interested in continuing her studies. The members of the Parliament spoke with the family members and motivated her parents to send her to the school.

  • Utakanoor village children parliament took a lot of effort to clean the street and the people appreciated them.

  • From Dootharabaddi village, one differently abled child from below poverty line was sent to school after speaking to her parents and the School Headmaster.

  • Six early marriages were prevented in Manvi Taluka (Haravi & Balatage) and the girls were sent to tailoring class.

  • In Mudamaggudi from children parliament a group of children gathered and cleaned the village.

  • In Devipur children along with local women cleaned their school campus.

  • In Belawata children parliament leaders cleaned the drainage near drinking water tap.

  • We, the child parliamentarians, have made a resolution that by the end of this year, no child labourer will be here in our village. We are very happy by starting the children parliament.

  • In Mudamaggudi from children parliament a group of children demanded the local panchayatha to get their benefits which they have received from the Government.

  • Utakanoor children parliament member went to Panchayath demanded to open the village library which was closed for one and half year and it was opened to the public.

  • In Markamdhinni village, Children parliament leaders found out a dropout child who is very much interested in continuing her studies. The members of the Parliament spoke with the family members and motivated her parents to send her to the school.


  • 10 Children’s Parliament were formed which consists of 250 children as members.

  • Children’s Parliaments are actively functioning at this juncture.

  • Children discuss various issues in the parliament and take appropriate solutions to attend to the immediate needs of their areas.

Future Focus:

  • 20 more Children’s Parliament will be formed by the end of 2013 in our working areas.

  • Formed children parliament will be given follow up trainings

  • The development of villages through children parliament.

  • Networking with Government ministry of children and with other NGOS.

  • The staff will visit the selected schools and the villages in their respective area and create awareness to the children on the importance of children’s parliament for their own development.

  • District convention on Children’s Parliament by 2013

  • State Convention on Children’s Parliament by 2014.

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