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governing body

Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dais
B.A;M.A; Ph.D President

Rev. Dr. Fr. Paul Melwyn D’osuza B.A;M.A; Ph.D
Vice President

Rev. Fr. Maxim Dsilva
B.A; B.Ed; M.Ed

Rev. Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes
B.Com; MBA

Rev. Fr. Elvin Santa Lopes


Rev. Fr. Arun Lobo B.A; PGDHRM;M.S.W

Rev. Dr. Fr. Sathish Fernandes

B.A; M.Sc; PGDHRM; ;M.A; M.S.W

Rev. Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas,
B.A;L.L.B;M.A; M.S.W

Rev. Fr. Vincent D’souza

B.A;M.A; M.S.W


Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra

Affiliated to ChildFund India

Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra (CKSK) is a voluntary organization run by Franciscan Capuchin Fathers of Karnataka Province, registered as a Society in 1976. We have been engaged in Integrated Community Development activities supported by various good hearted donors.

CKSK is situated in Dakshina Kannada District; the taluk is at the eastern end of the coastal district and at the foothills of the Western Mountain Ranges. We are working since the year 1969. Today we are assisting 785 poor children in fifteen adopted villages. Our mission is “To create an environment of hope and respect for the needy children of all cultures and beliefs in which they have opportunities to achieve
their full potential and provide practical tools for positive change to children, families and communities”.

HEALTH – We have a dispensary to facilitate better health condition to those who cannot afford to meet medical expenses. We sensitize the people through awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS in a campaign mode; rallies, raising the apt slogans, vigilant folk songs, tableau shows, distribution of information materials are the various activities that are part of campaign. The HIV infected and affected are provided nutritious food and referred to care and support centers for the treatment. Counseling supports to meet the challenges to lead the life with courage. We assisted 1500 poor families to cover the health Insurance for their unexpected health problems. Adolescent girls and boys are given training on physical, emotional and psychological growth and development. Eligible couples have gained confidence to face their future life. Awareness on importance on breast feeding is given to the community. The Organization also provides supplementar
y nutrition to reduce the Infant Mortality and Mother Mortality Rate for malnourished children, pregnant women and lactating mothers, TB and HIV patients. Demonstration sessions were organized on preparation of low cost nutritious food. Assistance was given to Kitchen garden. Support was also extended to construction of low cost sanitation and clean kitchen to maintain hygiene both at the family and community level.


We focus on Early Childhood Care and Development activities. Our Preschools provide nutritious food, play materials and child friendly environment. Our support to children from backward communities and youths help to continue their education, skill training for better livelihood opportunities. Reading Improvement Program in the Government schools children improved their reading skill and confidence to perform better in the academic education. Skill in Mathematics program equipped children to learn mathematics easily and their grasping capacity enhanced. Distribution of sports activities play materials promotes conducive and stimulating environment in the govt. schools. Teachers are motivated, trained to focus on maintaining quality and improve classroom teaching and conducted meeting to strengthen communities to involve and monitor the schools.

Regular Personality Development Camps for Children focuses to build the confidence, decision making and critical thinking among adolescents studying in Government schools and Colleges. Child Right awareness programmes were conducted in schools, in the community through rallies, distributed handbills, organized programmes on the eve of World day for Prevention of Child Abuse. Children were alerted about hazards of plastic bags usage; we supported children to build plastic houses to eradicate the usage of plastic bags which harms environment and health. Functioning of Child Resource Centers provides opportunity to outdoor and indoor play, use lab equipments, charts, play musical instruments, library books. Computer and typewriting facility supports children in building additional skill. All our programmes ensure survival, development, protection and participation of all the children in the communities that are in the field a
rea of the organization.

Livelihood and Economic Enhancemen
t of the Poor is playing a vital role in the Economic Empowerment of the community. Support and motivation is given to the needy to take up agriculture, jasmine cultivation, Beekeeping, Goat rearing, piggery, rabbitry, areca plate making, petty business, milch animal and other income generating activities. Group ventures such as dairy unit wherein milk collection center, feed warehouse, and shyamiyan business renting of tables, chairs, vessels for hire are also taken up by the groups with the support of the organization. Rural women enthusiasm is quite appreciable in running the tea and rice business for the sustainability of their Federation under Business Development Plan. We try to enhance the collective strength resulted in taking up group ventures which is owned by the women. Financial support to women through Self Help Groups (SHG) and their savings and loans enhance their income and improve the status of women in the villages. Women are organized in the `170 SHGs, consist of 25 Clusters with Cluster Representatives, General Body, Governing Body and the Executive Committee under Women Federation Trust.

Community programs:
Women Empowerment programmes consist of health, nutrition, education and capacity building training. Our efforts in this context resulted in mobilizing 2500 women and enabled them to access to various Government schemes and faculties.

Festivals/customs/social activities:
India is known for its multicultural and rich tr
aditions and Customs. These celebrations are quite different in each religion. People of different caste, creed and religion live in harmony. Some of the prominent festivals are Ganesh Chathurthi, Ugadi -New Year of Hindus and Deepavali - Festival of lights. Christmas & Easter are celebrated by the Christians and Ramzan, Bakrid are celebrated by the Muslims. Climatically in general the area is pleasant with three seasons - summer, rainy and winter.

To implement all the above programs we have qualified and dedicated staff with aims- objectives and goals to develop the rural children and their families. Due to the loving sacrifice of our various Sponsors, we have been able to reach out some extent to the poorest of the poor.

What we have achieved is little, there is more to do and it is only possible through the generous and good hearted people. Whatever your contribution will help these unfortunate children, backward families and the most vulnerable segments of the society to live a normal and better life. We assure you our sincere gratitude and prayers for your sacrifice and contribution. May God bless you all.
A big Thank you and best wishes.

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