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Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dais
B.A;M.A; Ph.D President

Rev. Dr. Fr. Paul Melwyn D’osuza B.A;M.A; Ph.D
Vice President

Rev. Fr. Maxim Dsilva
B.A; B.Ed; M.Ed

Rev. Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes
B.Com; MBA

Rev. Fr. Elvin Santa Lopes


Rev. Fr. Arun Lobo B.A; PGDHRM;M.S.W

Rev. Dr. Fr. Sathish Fernandes

B.A; M.Sc; PGDHRM; ;M.A; M.S.W

Rev. Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas,
B.A;L.L.B;M.A; M.S.W

Rev. Fr. Vincent D’souza

B.A;M.A; M.S.W



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Knowledge indeed transforms the children but the proper environment and the basic facilities in imparting the education enables the children all the more to be the best.
Vimukti Trust® Pothnal is making a difference by prioritizing in support of the children to obtain a decent education with the right environment.

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Diwali Celebration at Vimukti Pothnal:
‘Let us move from untruth to truth and from darkness to light.’
Vimukti Pothnal celebrated Diwali Festival in its premises on 12th of November, 2023. Diwali is a festival of light that enlightens the hearts and brings joy to every heart. The activities permeate the vimukti premises with an atmosphere of togetherness and hope. The sponsored children celebrated the festival of Diwali with great enthusiasm. They decorated the premises with earthen lighted lamps, and inaugurated the festive program with lighting the lamp by the dignitaries (Mrs. Bernadette, Mrs. JATTIOT Lily, Mrs. Belleville Christiane, Mr. Eric, and Mrs. Patricia). Diwali celebration begins with a solemn prayer led by Fr. Sathish Fernandes, to the almighty and a beautiful thought, that filled our hearts and minds with love and harmony. Bro. Karthik Jemes spoke about the significance of the festival- how good always conquered evil and about why and how Diwali is celebrated across India. Besides sensitizing sponsored children about the ill- effects of crackers, they also shared the guidelines of environment-friendly celebrating Diwali. Wonderful presentation of earthen laps which decorated the entire vimukti office with colorful lights. Which instilled a sense of victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. The entire presentation filled the hearts with the spirit of Diwali and they enjoyed the celebrations wholeheartedly. Everyone gathered for the program highly appreciated the program. Certainly, it was the unique Diwali we had ever celebrated.

Raichur District children’s Parliament raises children’s concerns around education and their future. Vimukti Pothnal
The Children’s Parliament caters for children below age of 18 years, and Children’s Parliament gives a chance to speak for the children, by the children and of the children. It serves as a platform for the children to develop leadership skills, team spirit, analytical skills and maturity. This is none other than an organization/movement for children. Today there are efforts all over the world to help children to be in charge as children are the best agents of the much- sought social change. Children refuse to be any more just objects to be looked at. They are beginning to participate in various social and political decision-making forum. They believe that they can do this better than the elders without any inhibitions or slash expectations. They are not anymore just to be governed, but also to govern. They have realized their rights to participate in governing. Now Children parliament comes to their rescue which is a Children's movement with deliberations, interventions and actions. On 3rd of November, 2023 Vimukti in collaboration with CRT Bangalore organized program on bringing all talukas representatives of children on one platform at Raichur to raise their voice against injustice done to them. Children’s parliament will help highlight the problems faced by them in their respective schools and villages. Children’s parliament programme has been introduced to help children list out their problems of a particular constituency and make the respective elected representatives take them up in legislature sessions and get relief. Vimukti aims at making the children aware of the powers of a parliamentary democracy. They would know how to be a responsible citizen and the importance of involving themselves in community affairs. In eve of it the district level children parliament training was held at Raichur. There were 55 children’s representatives from various talukas were present to discuss the major burning issues on children rights and how they are violated in Raichur district.

Sponsor Children Summer Camp: Vimukti Pothnal
“Camp is where I learned about myself; facing fears, trying new things, pushing my boundaries, and accepting myself.”
Believing in the above ethos, we, at VIMUKTI, have been conducting summer camps regularly during every summer vacation. We strongly believe that every adversity brings an opportunity to bring out the best. To promote emotional wellbeing and to enrich our students, Vimukti organized the virtual SUMMER CAMP for all our sponsor children from 24th and 25th of October, 2023. The scheduling of events was such that entire two days the sponsor children had a new topic with different, fun-filled, and educational activities. The event was planned with an objective to keep the sponsor children constructively engaged and to promote learning with fun. The students were engaged in activities that were enjoyable and meaningful. This summer camp gave them an opportunity to learn and develop diverse skills in painting, craftwork, dance, etc. Additionally, it provided an even platform for all children to explore and express their creativity in any form. This virtual summer camp aimed to educate and create awareness among the students about various issues like the environment, nutrition, etc. The best part of the camp was that the staff ensured that the materials required for the activities were easily available at home. It was heartening to see our sponsor children participating enthusiastically in large numbers thereby making the event a grand success. The SUMMER CAMP culminated with a grand Talent Spot Dance where the children showcased their talents through singing, dancing, comedy, storytelling, poetry reading, and many more activities. This Summer Camp was earnestly appreciated not only by the participants but also by their parents. The overwhelming acknowledgement through their reviews and feedback was a motivating factor for the entire vimukti team.

Leadership Training for Vimukti Children’s Parliament: Vimukti Pothnal
The Vimukti Charitable Trust ® Pothnal, organized a Leadership training program to our Vimukti Children Parliament members from 14th to 15th of October, 2023 at vimukti premises. The sessions began by invoking the blessings of God by reciting the preamble of the Indian constitution. Soon after the prayer session, Vimukti Children Parliament coordinator Arogayappa welcomed the participants and speakers of the day by calling them into the dais. Fr. Sathish Fernandes Vimukti Director said,” Parliaments of children open horizons of the minds of the children by introducing a broader society and a world beyond their immediate circumstances. The Parliaments help children to succeed in life and to grow individually as true persons”. The main objective of this training is to learn to understand the process involved in the formation of children’s parliament and its possibilities. The workshop contained four input sessions on children parliament and leadership qualities. What is children’s Parliament? Prashant kumar karabdini, in his presentation highlighted saying, 1. The students who are busy only with text books, tuitions and examinations find themselves ill-equipped to face the challenges and pressures of modern-day complex realities of life. They lack the confidence and ability to live life to the fullest. They easily become discouraged and at times get depressed. 2.The UNCRC on the rights of child speaks of participation. Participation means finding out and developing talents of children for a holistic growth, which is well complemented by Children’s Parliament. In the Children’s Parliament, children are exposed to all the procedures followed in the actual parliament, like filing nomination, election of leaders, assigning responsibilities, analysing local issues and problems in the monthly gathering of the parliament. Mr. Charlie the vimukti staff said that the children’s Parliament members should discuss regarding their own village problems like drinking water, toilets, basic infrastructures in the schools, child rights etc. initially children used to by shy address the parliament, but gradually from couple of experience they grow in confidence.

Letter Campaign by the 1000 adolescent girls to Chief Minister of Karnataka to provide Sanitary Pads to the poor girls in the villages: “Improving Menstrual health and hygiene for women and girls” …Vimukti Pothnal
Menstrual hygiene management is one of the neglected health and hygiene issues surrounding the rights of vulnerable adolescent girls in Manvi taluka. For hundreds of these adolescent girls living in the villages, natural monthly occurrence is disruptive. Adolescent girls in our targeted villages often deal with the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products or if they are available the Sharp rise in the price of sanitary pads makes it impossible to buy due to poverty. Stigma and period poverty has a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable women and girls in our village, who often must resort to using unhygienic alternatives such as using old unhygienic clothes as sanitary pads. This causes discomfort that can increase their risk of infections- especially since they are often washed without detergents and dried indoors, out of shame and fear of superstitions related to menstruation.

“JPIC Day”- Poor Widow House renovation work: Vimukti Pothnal
267th House Renovation work is in Progress - Yet another mile stone in sheltering the POOR WIDOW. Vimukti is very grateful to all the Donors for their timely financial wholehearted support. In return, we invoke God’s blessings on you and your family. SEEK YOUR PRAYERS AND HELP, so that we could complete this little house Project without much difficulty.


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Let us march forward to awaken the humanity to restore the worth of human dignity: Vimukti Pothnal
The Vimukti Charitable Trust ® requesting to help a disabled parent’s family from sindanuru, Raichur District with four kids who are in a dire need of the financial support both for the daily sustenance and to have a decent house to live in. Their disability has deprived them to have hardly one meal for the day. Will you be a help to this needy family? You may not have plenty but give from your little available resources. Even the one or two rupees that you contribute to this family is worth. Therefore march forward to awaken the humanity to restore the worth of human dignity. Inspire others by sharing it. Contact: 9448335778. May God Bless you all!

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Extending our hands to the poor and needy during Covid-19
During this period of struggle, the Vimukti Charitable Trust® team extended our concern and solidarity for the poor and the neediest around us. This was a moment of witnessing the real Franciscan spirit.

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COVID-19 Pandemic
Capuchin Friars in Solidarity
Holy Trinity Province Karnataka

We thank all our friars, communities, coordinators, volunteers, support staff and others who are connected with the pandemic initiatives and responses. Let us pray for the humanity and help the needy. God bless us all.

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Completion report of Convergence
 Workshop for Strengthening of
Child Protection System

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VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST is a social action unit of the Capuchin Franciscan of Karnataka Province, Registered under the Trust Act bearing number, Trust/718/10A/Vol-II/V-299/2000-2001 Dated 01.05.2000. VIMUKTI is integral liberation as understood popularly and it undertakes and executes socio-economic empowerment activities among the disadvantage and the vulnerable sections of the society. As the activities of the province became widespread, ‘Vimukti’ came into existence in 1999 to co-ordinate, document, monitor, review and evaluate the social work intervention activities to ensure greater efficiency and increased accountability towards the same.

The Karnataka Capuchin Province has established a registered trust called, Vimukti Charitable Trust for social service and developmental activities in the Province. The goals and objectives of this trust are to be attained in a systematic and cohesive manner. For this purpose the Province shall establish in a suitable place a well furnished central office to plan, coordinate and supervise all the programmes and the activities. The Statutes are applicable to all the Friars of the Province who are involved in this ministry. So that all the Programmes function effectively and achieve the expected goals and objectives. These Statutes are to be read along with the Constitutions of the Order and also the Statutes of the Province.

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