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News and Events

SHGs are considered as one of the most significant tools to adopt participatory approach for the economic empowerment of women: Vimukti Pothnal
SHGs are novel and innovative organizational setup in India for the women up-liftment and welfare. Self-Help Group refers to self-governed, peer controlled, informal group of people with same socio-economic background and having a desire to collectively perform common purposes. Having new strategic plan, Vimukti formed the women groups in the targeted villages to fight for their rights. It took long time to convince and to motivate the women to make known their rights. The primary focus is to give awareness on various rights and schemes that are given by the government and how to benefit from these various schemes; by way of awareness, motivation, leadership, training and associating in other social inter-mediation programmes for the benefit of the entire community.
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Vimukti Sponsor’s day program: Vimukti Pothnal
“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” –Frederick D. social activist
The Vimukti charitable trust® with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons France had organized sponsor’s day program at Pothnal on 05.11.2017. 47 sponsored children along with their parents participated in the program. This day was filled with full of entertainment. Mr. Arogyappa welcomed the guests on the dais. Sponsored children honored the guests with the flowers. VIMUKTI believes every child deserves a future. Here in Vimukti, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and supporting them to create a platform to exhibit their talents. This program is very unique because we look at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community. We work with each sponsored child family to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better future for all children.
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Soft skill training program for the staff : Vimukti Pothnal

Vimukti organized a program on soft skill training program for the staff on 6th of October, 2017 at Vimukti premises. The main aim is to how; one can be an efficient and effective staff in the field. The resource person Mr. Anthony Mudola highlighted the main soft skills like emotional intelligence, problem solving, time management, interpersonal skills, leadership, communication skills, ability to work in team and strong work ethics etc. Further resource person motivated the staff to achieve their goals by facing the challenges bravely. Along with that the practical tips and examples were given to motivate themselves to work effectively in the field. Thus all the staff was exhorted to work genuinely. There were 72 participants benefited from this training.
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Over 25,000 women to put forward specific demand to political parties in Raichur: Vimukti Pothnal
On 29th Sunday October, 2017 massive awareness rally was organized at APMC Gunj premises, Raichur with the collaboration of 34 likeminded NGO forum. In the rally 18 district women representatives were present for this protest rally. Women protest against liquor ban in entire Karnataka holding placards and banners in the rally. The protestors were also chanting slogans against alcohol consumption and demanding government to put complete ban on alcohol and made a specific demand to political parties to include prohibition in their manifestos saying “Our vote is for those who implement prohibition”. During the rally political representatives were called (Congress, BGP, and JDS) and memorandums were submitted to make Karnataka as NASHA MUKT Karnataka. To expand the support base, the organizations have been making efforts to rope in religious heads with influence in the region. Medha Patkar, a leader of Nasha Muka Bharat Movement was the speaker of the day. She said in her speech “Alcoholism is more serious than unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and other problems.
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Sponsored children undergo health check up to spread awareness on preventive healthcare: Vimukti Pothnal
Even after decades of freedom, India is struggling to provide basic health services to its people. According to government sources, in India 45 children die every hour due to respiratory infections. 1 child dies every 2 minutes due to diarrhoea. And annually, about 2 million children under 5 years of age die due to preventable diseases. The situation calls for timely care and diagnosis which can reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality especially among children and women. General Health Camps is one such special initiative of Vimukti with the collaboration of “Ensemble Agissons” France to provide healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas through stand-alone camps. Vimukti Sponsored children in various age groups underwent health check camp to create awareness about the importance of preventive healthcare. The initiative was taken to prepare a comprehensive health profile of all the Sponsored children.
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Art and craft workshop held for our sponsored children: Vimukti Pothnal
There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment; the ability to be creative, to create something expressing personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health. Creativity fosters mental growth as well by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. At Vimukti, we provide a creative environment as a complement to the integral education system at the school. Through creative arts we aspire to develop aesthetic sense in our sponsored children and give them a platform where they are able to express themselves freely. Our ultimate objective is to help identify in each child their full potential and bring out their best. Each child is given a chance to develop at his her own pace. With the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons, France Vimukti organized workshop to our sponsored children at Vimukti premises on 21st to 22nd October, 2017.
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Meeting on Strategic planning on Combating Human Trafficking held at Gulbarga: Vimukti Pothnal
On 16th and 17th October, 2017 Vimukti with the collaboration of likeminded NGOs came together for the strategic planning on combating human trafficking at Kripalya Bishop’s house Gulbarga. Since Karnataka is turning out to be a hotspot of human trafficking, reporting the third highest number of cases in the country during 2013-17. Home ministry data says 1,379 human trafficking cases were reported from Karnataka in the five-year period. Human traffickers find a fitting breeding ground in the fast-growing southern metros, luring victims with huge salaries and better lifestyles. A sizeable chunk of trafficking victims, migrant labourers in particular, are often forced into sex work. Recent raids led to the rescue of over 300 bonded labourers in Bangalore. NGO and government officials say this is only the tip of the iceberg. The resource person Mr. Anthony C. Mudola said, Bangalore has become a human trafficking hub over the years, and many of the victims are children.
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Child-rights awareness program held at Bala Mandira Raichur: Vimukti Pothnal
On 11th of October, 2017 Fr. Sathish Fernandes Director Vimukti, Pothnal address the Orphan Children and street children regarding Child-rights and POCSO Act more detailed way. The children are taught to know their right to education and to live a disciplined life, to gain their rights and to enjoy their childhood. At the same time, they are also made aware of the powers of a parliamentary democracy. They are taught to know the four basic rights:
1. Right to Life
2. Right to Protection
3. Right to Progress
4. Right to participate.
Children get trained to teach other children and thus to involve in social action and help vulnerable children to gain their right to education and health. The District magistrate, advocates, District child Protection officers (DCPU) and others were present for the program. More than 98 participants benefited from this training.
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Social Audit as a participatory Monitoring Tool; held at Utaknoor Gram Panchyath: Vimukti Pothnal
The VCT Staff created lot of awareness among households, families and communities regarding social audit and its implications. The continues efforts of VCT staff bore fruits on 12th October 2017, concerned authority were called for a meeting to discuss the issues pertaining NREGA work. Pocket leaders and people gathered, protested that all the work under NREGA has been done through machines and also the amount is not utilized rightly. As a result People gathered demanded the concerned authority to stop this malpractice and to allow the people to work and to get maximum benefit from this scheme. LM staff requested the concerned authority who was present, to ensure accountability, that the outcomes or results along with proof must be made public and must be discussed in the open forum. The meeting was held in public place, after the long discussion regarding various schemes and projects of the Panchayath, Action plan was drawn for the next six months.
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World Heart Day: Vimukti Pothnal
“Celebrate a healthy heart”

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death amongst men and women around the world. The heart is the most vital organ in the body and taking care of it should be first on everyone’s priority list. Studies have revealed that every year, more than eight lakh people experience their first heart attack, leading to other serious heart diseases. With statistics pointing to a very high number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases and other heart ailments, World Heart Federation (WHF) is a ray of hope. It shares with people information on the health and diseases of the heart and promotes smoking and alcohol-free living, healthy diets physical exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping these thoughts in mind Vimukti organized awareness program on 6th October 2017, at Vimukti premises. Vimukti staff motivated the parents, women, men, youth and children who had participated in the campaign against heart diseases and strokes and ensure that we all live a healthy and disease free life.
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Guardian assigned for protecting Children and their rights: Vimukti Pothnal
Fr. Satish Fernandes OFM Capuchin appointed as the new member for Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Raichur district.
“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children,” says Nelson Mandela. Here is a person who is filled with the same vigor and enthusiasm who has come forward to take up the challenges and stand for protecting children and restore them to a healthy atmosphere that they may be seen, heard, believed and cared. He is none other than Fr. Satish Fernandes, the Director of Vimukti Charitable Trust(r), Pothnal. For the past three years he was actively involved in the district as care and protection of children is concerned. Considering his jealous work and involvement in the sector of child and protection, On 28th of September 2017 Government of Karnataka appointed as one of CWC member to Raichur District that consists of four members and a Chairperson.
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Awareness program on “save the Girl child, Educate the Girl Child”: Vimukti Pothnal
“A baby girl… one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today.” Vimukti charitable trust® Pothnal organized an awareness program on “save the Girl child, Educate the Girl Child” at Narbanda village, Manvi Taluka. Mrs. Shoba the resource person expressed her view saying, Female foeticide is both a national wide glitch and a social evil. Sex selective abortions and rise in the number of female infanticide have become a major burning social problem in several part of India. Cases of female foeticide are mounting at a swift rate in urban India transcending all barriers of caste, class and community. The most worried factor is the fact of homicide of a girl child is infanticide intentional act of killing a female within one year of her birth. If female babies survive foeticide, they are deserted or dumped in a dustbin or sewer. Sometimes, they are buried alive or poisoned to death. Sometimes they are even killed by applying poison on the mother’s breast.
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Memorandum submitted to Pothnal Panchayath President in demanding to conduct Children Grama Sabha without delay: Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti children parliament members along with club children from Pothnal area submitted the memorandum on 12th September 2017, demanding concerned panchayath president to conduct Children Grama Sabha without delay. After the several reminders to the concerned authority, have not given sufficient attention to the burning issues, as a result Children’s parliament members identified the major issues, discussed it in their meeting and took it to the Vimukti staff. Surprised by the initiatives of the children Vimukti staff supported and engaged this matter to the concerned authority. Children approached the Panchayath president and pressed up on him to take earliest action and solve the problems specially, clean drinking water, toilet, play ground, play materials, and compound wall should be provided in the school premises. Vimukti staff and school teachers encouraged the children for their initiatives.
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External assessment of the project held at Vimukti Pothnal:
External assessment of the project was held on 25th September, 2017 at Vimukti Social Centre, Pothnal. The Meeting was presided over by Rev. Fr. Sani Bai, Secretary, Lok Manch, Delhi. Mr. Arogyappa Vimukti animator heartily welcomed the dignitaries and in a very special manner the special invitees who were present for the meeting. The highlighted of the meeting were the How Project is progressing. At Vimukti, coordinator, staff and local leaders came together for an analysis meeting. The volunteers shared their rich experiences and the struggles which they faced during their field work especially when they visited the villages, communities and schools to study and to know the reality. The volunteers also came up with new suggestions and plans in order to work more effectively in the given situations. The Secretary advised the volunteers to be vigilant always towards the fundamental rights, entitlements of the people through RTF Campaign.
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Awareness on prevention of Human Trafficking and Child Abuse: Vimukti Pothnal
Women and Children are not Commodities!!
Human trafficking is one of the most tragic human rights issues of our time. It is a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against his/her will. Secondly Sex trafficking has been found in a wide variety of venues within the sex industry, including residential brothels, escort services, fake massage businesses, strip clubs, and street prostitution. Thirdly Labor trafficking has been found in diverse labor settings including, domestic work, small businesses, large farms, and factories. We the educated people should come together and fight for these global evil. Children are subject to physical, sexual and emotional abuse and they do not report or share it with the parents or the concerned person. But most of the children are unaware of these rights and they are not safeguarded.
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Awareness program on Crop insurance scheme: Vimukti Pothnal
The Vimukti charitable trust® with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons France had organized an awareness program to the stakeholders in the project area to get the maximum benefits under the scheme of “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Krishi Yojana 2017”. Speaking at the workshop on crop insurance Vimukti coordinator Mr. Charlie stressed the need for discussions about proper implementation of crop insurance schemes of union and state government. Crop insurance does not bring compensation for crop loss. It is the compensation for the expenditure on farming activities, if crop is damaged, so that farmers should not face financial problem to start sowing in the next season. Further he explained in detailed the documents to be submitted to concerned authority to tap this Government scheme. Pocket leaders with the help of VCT team made to visit the concerned authority to spot on 12th September, as a result Utaknoor pocket 32 farmers submitted the documents and got benefited from this program.
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Rally on Awareness and prevention of Epidemic diseases: Vimukti Pothnal
With the aim of combating deadly disease dengue, Devipura schoolchildren on 7th September, 2017 participated in an awareness rally organized by the Vimukti in collaboration with the Health Department Manvi. The rally passed through the main localities of the village. Vimukti parliament members along with other children flagged off the rally through the main localities of the village. the rally consist of children parliament members, staff, teachers, health officers, and staff Nurse passed through the main thoroughfare of the village and surrounding area with carrying placards bearing message on prevention and control of viral diseases besides distributing pamphlets to the public. Parliament children requested the Panchyath members to spraying of insecticides in all the open places and places where water is found logging to destroy the larvae of the mosquitoes.
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AWC center at Belwata lack basic facilities: Vimukti Pothnal
Anganwadi is a type of rural mother and child care centre in India that were started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to combat child hunger and malnutrition. A part of the Indian public health care system, these Anganwadi centres provides basic health care in Indian villages. Basic health care activities include contraceptive counseling and supply, nutrition education and supplementation, as well as pre-school activities. These centers provide supplementary nutrition, non-formal pre-school education, nutrition and health education, immunization, rehydration salts, basic medicines, health check-up and referral services of which later three services are provided in convergence with public health systems.
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Special Gram Sabha meeting held at Tadkal to discuss housing Scheme: Vimukti Pothnal
Local leaders and villagers were sensitized and motivated on the importance of the Grama Panchayat and Grama Saba. On 4th of September at Tadkal village Grama Saba was organized to discuss about housing Scheme and other various development sections and their execution along with Panchyath budget for the year 2017-18. Local leaders and villagers argued with the officials to solve the problem pertaining to the basic facilities in the Panchayath. They demanded that priority should be given for housing allocation and addressing the drainage facilities and proper cleanliness by properly by developing the roads and drainage systems for waste water to follow, drinking water, toilet facilities in the school, AWC govt. housing schemes for the poor deserving families etc. the Grama Sabha was attended by large number of villagers local leaders and benefited from this meeting.
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Dissemination of information on various schemes: & Collaboration Meeting of Project Conducted : Vimukti Pothnal
The project “Development and Access to entitlement of the marginalized” is progressing very well under the collaboration of Govt.. VCT organized Review meeting “Dissemination & Collaboration” Meeting of the project on 26th August 2017 at PHC center, Tadkal. Objective: To share about the work done so far and to disseminate information on various schemes with a view to foster collaboration with Govt. and complement its efforts. Mrs. Jecintha spoke about various Government schemes related to women, children, National health Mission and Income Generation. Mr. Jaysheela, Programme coordinator, briefly spoke about the legal requirements to run child-related programmes, various legislations and schemes related to children. 55 participants from Tadkal pocket were present for this session.
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Awareness programme on the importance of breast feeding; Vimukti Pothnal
The initial three or four years of child’s life are crucial to its later healthy growth and personality development. Since the children under three/four years spend their time in the family atmosphere, such family environment considered as crucial for their overall development. It has profound impact on a child’s survival, health, hygiene and development. at the initial stages of growth breast milk provides all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to an infant for growth for the first six months, and no other liquids or food are needed. In addition, breast milk carries antibodies from the mother that helps to combat and resist diseases.
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Various govt. schemes and its benefits made available to the stakeholders: Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti after the series of awareness programmes and animators door to door frequent visits by distributing hand bills on free gas cylinder, ration card. Adhar card, senior citizen card, widow pension scheme, disabled facilities etc. Vimukti team has established good rapport with the local government officials and others. As a result 1297 families’ benefited from this programme.

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Training and awareness Education : Vimukti Pothnal
Training imparted to animators, community members on various RTF schemes, and with other Govt. schemes. VCT team in turn relayed the information on to the people in the villages also. Initially, the villagers had difficulty believing what the team had to tell them. Soon they started not only believing but liking the information. VCT animators first started with imparting awareness to people in small groups. And it was easy to allay people’s doubts. The team also made use of lots of kananda materials on RTF schemes, collected from various sources, which were widely distributed and read out to SHGs for the sake of those who cannot read them. Through regular home visits, awareness was generated among people on various schemes. About 20 women were guided to apply for widows and old age pension.
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Case study : “I want to be independent at any cost with all my Endeavors”
Amaresha was born in the year 1998 in a very poor family as the youngest among the five children. His father was addicted to alcohol and five years ago was succumbed to death. His mother with her meager source of income struggled to support the family. Amaresha was also born with cerebral palsy and at the young age a sudden accident worsened his condition later. It took five years to get healed fully and come back to normal life. With the support of vimukti trust and his mother’s constant love, care and support he finished his P.U.C. He then decided to find some work to help the family. Vimukti provided him free Computer course and helped him to begin a small grocery shop in his own village. But it didn’t work out as he thought, later he migrated to Bangaluru where he joined in to mobile center. There he was assigned to as a cashier. He could do it sticking to one place. He earns sum of Rs.6000/- which is quite a big amount for him.
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Adult (computer Based) literacy programme:
Education a man, you educate a person, but you educate a woman and you educate a whole civilization- Mahatma Gandhi
India is home to the largest number of illiterate adults in the world- 287 million persons, amounting to 37% of the global total. The literacy rate of female Dalits in Raichur is 38.5% which is far behind India’s progress trend. It is still 30 years behind Indian’s national literacy Rate which was 43.7 in 1981. India is ranked 123rd out of 135 countries in female literacy rate. Vimukti Charitable Trust(r), Pothnal initiated the new program called “Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL)” Programme in 50 back ward villages of Manvi Taluka. The Development focus has developed an innovative Computer Based Functional Literacy application in 9 regional languages. This enables an illiterate person to become functionally literate in 45 days, participating in sessions of 1 to 2 hours each day.
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The training and the outcome : Vimukti Pothnal
A training program was conducted for the community leaders of the 16 villages of our working area. 58 participants from the target are participated in the said training. The resource person explained the nine schemes in simple language. He explained the nature of each schemes, its provisions, how to get these schemes and the redress mechanism of these schemes. The resource person also explained about the Right to information Act and the way it helps the people in getting their share from the government. The training program was an eye opener for many animators and village leaders. Many participants expressed that they were ignorant about many of these schemes and they promised that they would cooperate with the campaign and fight for justice from the government machinery. Participants come out with the action plan mainly consisted of few meetings in village and Gram panchyath level sensitizing the people of these schemes.
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One Tree for One Child (maguvige ondu mara):
“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree” – Martin Luther King
Vimukti charitable trust® joined hands with the stakeholders in the project area to help reduce carbon footprint by planting native trees best known for their properties of purifying the polluted atmosphere and providing a clean and healthy environment; ‘Maguvige ondu Mara’, a novel method of introducing awareness among children in their young age to cultivate the habit of nurturing and protecting plants. Each child is given saplings and asked to take oath that, they as future custodians would take responsibility of preserving plants. This program targets learners in years1 and 2 with a view that he/ she will nurture the trees as he/ she continues his elementary education. The idea is to create a bond between children and trees, right from childhood.
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Awareness on Government Schemes : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti has been conducting sensitization programmes on Government Welfare Schemes viz, Pradhan mantri Ujjwala Yojana (Free LPG gas for BPL families),Free lap top Scheme for SC/ST students, Mukya Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana, Suvarna Krishi Grama Yojana- Increasing Farmers Income, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dan Yojana, Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana to help Road Accident Victims, Karnataka ksheera Bhagya scheme, Yeshasvini Co-operative health Scheme, pashu Bhagya Animal husbanry ,Kshori shakti Yojana etc. And people are paying attention to the programmes and our animators helping them in order to benefit of them.
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TB awareness rally : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti with the collaboration of health department conducted the TB Mass awareness rally in the project area. The rally, was flagged off from Udbal School, and got ended at the Panchyath ground after passing through the main street of the village; which covered all most 312 families. The Vimukti children actively participated in the rally by shouting slogans and by displaying the pluck cards. Nurse Staff along with ANM visited the houses and gave awareness on TB to the families. Propagating WHO efforts for Unite to End Tuberculosis by 2030, Participants included 210 students and other government officials which included the health department officers. Apart from the rally a TB awareness talk was also organized. This activity created a positive impact in the communities of our project area, educating them of Tuberculosis.
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Memorandum submitted to Panchayath President in demanding basic amenities in the school premises:
Vimukti children parliament members from Markumdinni (Maldgudda Panchyath) submitted the memorandum on 25th July 2017 demanding concerned panchayath president to provide basic facilities in the school as well as in the village. All the children parliament members got together discussed and listed out the problems one by one and approached the concerned authority to help specially, clean drinking water, toilet, play ground, play materials, and compound wall should be provided in the school premises. Drain water flows near the school and cleanliness remained a mirage. Waste was thrown in the school premises and it had turned into mosquito centre. The children parliament members studying in the school have been facing the threat of contagious diseases.
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Health awareness rally : Vimukti Pothnal
It is easier to convey the message to the public gathering or by public meeting; so, with a motto to bring awareness among the villagers on use of toilet, health, water and cleanliness. This Health awareness rally was organized in mudammaguddi village, manvi taluka. The Vimukti children actively participated in the rally by shouting slogans and by displaying the pluck cards. Mr. Ballappa Nayak, taluka health officer and well known and experienced in his profession, explained at length as how to keep ourselves our surroundings clean and remain healthy. Further he gave an eye-opening talk on consuming nutritious and hygienic food, drinking clean water and explained the importance of oral health practieses and its impacts on general health. There were more than 220 children participated in this health awareness rally and got benefited from this programme.
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Providing educational Aids to disadvantaged school going children : Vimukti Pothnal
A writer by name Albert Pine says something beautiful, “Whatever we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Vimukti Charitable Trust®, Pothnal with the collaboration Rev. Fr. Jossy Fernandes OFM Cap organized program on distribution of educational kit to 132 economically poor school going children at Pothnal from surrounding villages. Chief Guest Miss. Claire Isabelle student from France gave away the school bags, books, Geometry box, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, uniforms and stationery to the children in the presence of few dignitaries, parents of the children and the local people.
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Awareness on Government Schemes : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti has been conducting sensitization programmes on Government Welfare Schemes viz, Pradhan mantri Ujjwala Yojana (Free LPG gas for BPL families),Free lap top Scheme for SC/ST students, Mukya Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana, Suvarna Krishi Grama Yojana- Increasing Farmers Income, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dan Yojana, Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana to help Road Accident Victims, Karnataka ksheera Bhagya scheme, Yeshasvini Co-operative health Scheme, pashu Bhagya Animal husbanry ,Kshori shakti Yojana etc. And people are paying attention to the programmes and our animators helping them in order to benefit of them.

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Awareness program on Forest schemes to the Farmers  : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Charitable trust® with the collaboration of District and Taluka Forest Department organized awareness programme to the farmers in the project area on 5th July 2017. The main aim of the program was to make know the various Government schemes accessible to the farmers; in return they tap these schemes and benefit from it. The farmers were being informed especially regarding “AGRO-FOREST DEVELEOPMENT SCHEME”. This scheme envisages providing farmers with saplings of some of the local variety plants like Honge or the Pongamia pinnata, Indian gooseberry, Mango, tamarind and some medicinal, herbal plants. During the first year the farmers would be given Rs.10 towards expenditure on maintenance of each sapling; in the subsequent years Rs.15 and Rs.20. A preliminary demand survey is to be conducted this June by the department, to ascertain the demand by farmers. Enrolment of farmers under the scheme would be facilitated by officials visiting nada Kacheri (office) and Grama Panchayats. . The awareness was created in the targeted project area; as a result 13 farmers were availed with the 420 saplings and got benefited from this scheme.
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Doorstep Medical Services : Vimukti Pothnal
The statement that “health is wealth “is a very true to its meaning, as one cannot do anything if he or she does not have good health. So, it is very important that each person must know the causes, effects and remedy related to their individuals’ health issues. One person’s careless or ignorance of good health care can affect other person living with him or around him. For the past 12 months, Doorstep healthcare services has been provided by Vimukti Staff Nurse to the sponsored children families, physically disabled and economically disadvantaged patients who live in the villages without discrimination of caste and religion. Pregnant women and postnatal mothers and children were motivated to go for a regular check up during pregnancy, they were given awareness on nutrition, special care and nutrition for infants, cleanliness, exercises, sanitation, hygienic, health issues, immunization, Routine check-ups, and tests etc. Vimukti main aim is to educate them and provide them with knowledge to live more hygienically so that they too can lead a healthy life and prevent themselves and their families from any health issues.
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Children took out rally against child labour: “Don’t Employ Them; Empower” : Vimukti Pothnal
The Vimukti charitable trust® with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons France had organized an awareness rally against child labour at Janatha colony Pothnal. Children from Pothnal nearby localities participated in the rally. The practice of child labour is a common enigma today. Large number of poor children is falling in its trap. Due to lack of financial support, the children are forced to work at a very young age when it is the time for them to learn and grow. The rally generated awareness among the masses through songs, shouting slogns and by displaying the pluck cards, which caught their attention. The rally ends with the stage program by giving inputs session on child labour prohibition and Regulation amendment act 2016. More than 215 children participated in this rally and gave awareness to the public. The main objective is sensitizing privileged people and sending an appeal to empower underprivileged children through education. Vimukti would like to appeal to the privileged individuals- Don’t employ children rather help empower them through education.
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Distribution of saplings marks world Environment day: “Connect people to Nature”
Let us provide a safe place to live for our children and to our grand children.
World Environment day was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 on June 5th with the motto of aiding to the environmental issues and concerns of the world and spreading awareness about the necessity to save environment. 'Connecting People to Nature' is the theme for World Environment Day 2017 which implores us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share. The statistics available clearly note that Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission has increased at an alarming rate in India leading to harsh consequences. With 17 percent of world population, India contributes about 5 percent of human-sourced carbon dioxide emission. India emits about 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year. The urban/semi-urban areas in India generates over 0.1 million tonnes of solid waste every day - 36.5 million tonnes annually.
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Vimukti appeals the district government to make Government schools in manvi Taluka attractive, relevant as well as child friendly:
Vimukti after revising the situation of government schools in the project area brought out various prevailing issues and collected them in a booklet form. This report highlights the real situation of AWCs and educational institutions in Manvi taluka in general. Schools are supposed to be the temple of learning, but the average primary educational institutions and AWCs in the taluka are likely dingy, dilapidated, with no access to electricity, toilets, lack of basic infra-structures, leaking roofs, without play grounds, broken furniture, late arrival and handing over of school books, absence of computer labs, shortage of teachers, etc., are major problems which are blocking and reducing the standard of child education at large. Childhood is the initial stage of growth in one’s life. In this regard Preschools play vital role in the early childhood development. There are 486 anganwadi centres in our Manvi Taluk. But the fact is that, these centres do not cater to the total development of preschool child development.
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Career Guidance conducted for catholic youth of St. Clare of Assisi parish Pothnal:
One day Career Guidance Programme was conducted for the catholic youth of St. Clare Parish, Pothnal, on 22nd of April 2017. Meetings of all the youths of the parish who are studying outside the parish were called to this programme. The main aim of this meeting is to give systematic guidance to the students since many would be puzzled as to what to do next after completing plus two Degree or P.G. etc. The meeting was animated by Fr. Sathish Fernandes Vimukti Director, Pothnal. He said that today we can expect only10% opportunities in the Government sector, while 90% of it is in the private sector. Those who study the arts stream should not feel that they are less privileged because opportunities for the Arts students are endless. Some of the options suggested by him are teaching, law, small business/industry, social work, mass communication, Fashion designing, interior designing....
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Save Farmer Families : I am Tayamma from Jeenoor camp & my Husband Committed Suicide : Vimukti Pothnal
I am Tayamma from Jeenoor village, Manvi Taluka Raichur District. Two years back, I lost my husband. He was a farmer. We used to grow cottan. Everything was going well. He was a wonderful husband and a very loving father. We had four kids, lakshmani, Praksh, Rudhramani and Verupaksha. We were happy in our small world. We were not rich, but whatever we earned was enough to keep all of us content and happy. Then one year the merciless drought hit our village. We had enough to sustain that year. But then this became a routine for the next two years too. The 1.5 acres land that we had hardly gave us a two quintal of Cotton. This was not enough to even pay for the investments. My husband decided to work as a laborer in other’s farms in order to get at least two meals everyday for the family. I joined him too!
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Sponsor’s children summer camp : Vimukti Pothnal
The Vimukti charitable trust® with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons France had organized sponsor’s children summer camp at Pothnal from April 18th to 28th 2017. 35 sponsored children actively participated in this camp. The first phase of the camp saw fun-filled and educative moments with Spoken English and Computer lessons along with other motivational sessions for the children. Caring staff prepare campers to face life’s challenges with a positive outlook. Over a week at camp, kids develop new skills and a strengthened sense of citizenship and self-esteem. Children return home with incredible memories, proud achievements, and new friendships. Camp provided a safe, fun and active environment in which children can develop new skills, gave chance to explore their unique talents and interests, self esteem and friendships.
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Seminar on “Leadership & personality Development” -Vimukti Center, Pothnal
Vimukti charitable trust’s main thrust is to build up a new generation with spiritual, moral and leadership qualities. Through a well thought out meticulously planned modules and practical activities based on life experience for two days training enable the youths to mould their young minds imbibed with values of life and lasting vision for self and nation building. Seminar was organized on 23rd and 24th of March 2017. A leader is someone who engages in the activity of facilitation and helps a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives; in doing so, the leader remains "neutral" meaning he/she does not take a particular position. If you want to be a good leader then you have to develop the qualities of Faithfulness, Acceptance, Communicator, Inspirer, Listener, Imitator, Teacher, Adviser, Technician, Observer and Reader said Fr. Sathish Fernandes, Director, Vimukti in his keynote address.
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Free medical check-up camp : Vimukti Pothnal
Health the greatest treasure
Vimukti Charitable trust®, Pothnal in support with Ensemble Agissons France, organized free medical check-up camp for the beneficiaries residing around the project surrounding villages of Pothnal. The health camp conducted provided primary and referral health care services to the patients, wherein 3 cases of viral fever, 7 high blood sugar, and 3 women blood pressure were referred to the government hospital Pothnal. All the types of primary and comprehensive services had been provided to the clients. Mrs. Annamma PHC consultant and Mrs. Lalitha Vimukti Staff Nurse advised them various medicines and consultations during the camp and also interacted with the beneficiaries. Vimukti health camp team also conducted sensitization activity with the community to sensitize the people on common preventable health problems and to improve the health and hygiene of the people residing there.
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Campaign against early child marriage : Vimukti Pothnal
“Child Marriage is a practice that robs millions of girls of their childhood, their rights and their dignity.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Under the initiative of Vimukti wing and with the active support of Ensemble Agissons, campaign against an early marriage was organized with the collaboration of various Govt. Schools in the project area in order to sensitize & mobilize the masses to stop and eradicate child marriage by raising awareness of the girl’s right in the community. The campaign was organized with the main objective of bringing about changes in the pattern of thinking in minds of the people towards the evil effects of child marriage and raising awareness of the girl’s right in the community and also by focusing on improving the access to quality education for girls, and also educating the wider community about the social factors that enable forced marriage to continue.
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Training to community and pocket leaders on SCSP/TSP/WASH:
On 19th to 20th and 23rd to 24th of March 2017, Vimukti organized training on SCSP/TSP/WASH (planning, allocation, utilization of financial resources) act 2013. Vimukti pocket leaders and community monitoring leaders were the participants for these trainings. Mr. Ravidra Janekal and Mr. Lawrence, ARD Raichur were the resource person who have highlighted the SCSP/TSP/WASH act as a whole and its background to dispel lot of political, legal and other misconceptions surrounding it. Though lots of funds are allocated for this welfare of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes each year by the state and central government, in actual practice there is no compulsion to spend the amount as allocated and always the funds were diverted to other purposes or shown as unspent.
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International Women’s day; Rally for the equal rights @ Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Charitable Trust®, Pothnal with the collaboration of Loyal and Janodhya Manvi celebrated international women’s day at public ground Manvi on 16th March 2017. 1020 SHG group members participated in this event. women’s took out rally through the main streets of Manvi City by holding placards and banners containing the message on the needs of protecting the rights of women, campaign on RTF, and to create awareness on adverse impact of child marriage in the society; and demanded the concerned officials to take stringent measures in this regard to impose fine on those who violate these laws. The main aim of the rally was to sensitize privileged citizens to protect and demand their Rights on RTF campaign and other entitlements of the poor in Manvi Taluka.
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Assessment of Various Events @ Vimukti Pothnal
On 14th February, 2017 Vimukti staff and the members of Ensemble Agissions gathered together for the evaluation. An extensive report of all activities undertaken during the year was presented to the members present. Vimukti director Fr. Sathish Fernandes explained in detail different activities held during the year. Fr. Elvin lopez explain the child sponsorship programme in detail and Miss Mamatha office assistant presented the audited account of the financial year 2016-17. Many other issues with regard to the future plans were discussed. For the betterment of the project new directives were suggested to be implemented in the future. All accepted the new suggestions and assured to work hand in hand with the guidance and strong support from Ensemble Agissons, France.
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‘Vijnana Hadugalu’(hadu keli anka galisu): Audio CD Released @ Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti on 21st February 2017, with the collaboration of few well-known NGOs from Raichur district released the Audio CD “Vijnana Hadugalu” which is very useful to all the SSLC students. When the students cannot grasp the knowledge contained in the textbooks entirely, listening to the Audio CD can help them out in this regard. The audio matching with the textbook contents, clarifies the various questions and doubts which arise while reading the books. The CD has interactive educational base for Science and Maths for those who study in Kananda medium. This is a first CD that has been produced in Raichur district for the benefit of the Government school children to secure good results in the SSLC board examination.
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Visit of Ensemble Agissons team (France) to Vimukti Pothnal:
The Enemble Agissons members namely Mr. Daniel Helbert, Mrs. Veronique, Mrs. Lilly, Mrs. Clementine, Isabelle and Guy visited VIMUKTI trust and stayed in the house from 1.02.2017 to 14.02.2017 in order to review the ongoing projects and further visited sponsor’s families and the area of implementation. During the field visits they interacted with the beneficiaries and also saw the progress of the work done under the program child sponsorship. They expressed their happiness on hearing from the beneficiaries how this project had helped them and their family members especially in improvement of health and education. Fr. Sathish Fernandes Vimukti Director thanked them profusely on behalf of the Vimukti team for the generous contribution to the poor and marginalized people of Pothnal.
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On 12th February 2017 Vimukti celebrated children fest at its premises. 16 Government school parliament children and staff spent their time and energy in preparing varieties of dance and music programs. 958 children participated in this colorful event. Vimukti organized this program this year in a more creative and unique way. The students took out rally through the main streets of Pothnal by holding placards and banners containing the message on the needs of protecting the rights, to create awareness on adverse impact of child marriage, child dropout, child labor, RTF, protection of earth, health-hygiene and cleanliness etc, in the society; and demanded the concerned officials to take stringent measures in this regard to impose fine on those who violate these laws.
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Sponsor’s Day Program : Vimukti Pothnal
The Vimukti charitable trust® with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons France has organized sponsor day program at Pothnal on 05.02.2017. 65 sponsored children along with their parents participated in the program. This day was filled with fun and frolic. Mr. Arogyappa welcomed the guests on the dais. Sponsored children honored the guests with the garland. The program commenced with the prayer dance by Sushma and group. On this special occasion variety of games were conducted. Different cultural programmes were performed by the sponsored children. Enemble Agissons president and members were very happy to see all the 65 sponsored children on the day.
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Training on SCSP/TSP/WASH:
On 29th and 30th January 2017 two days training programme was organized for all the local leaders at Vimukti premises. Nearly 66 leaders from 20 villages were present for this training. The aim of this programme was to introduce them the various Govt. schemes like Access to educational Scholarship through Scheduled Caste sub Plan (SCSP plan-SCP) and the Tribal Sub plan (TSP) Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) etc; were explained by the resource person in detailed way an in simple language.
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Training in health matters at adolescent stage : Vimukti Pothnal
Keeping in mind the overall development of the adolescent girls, VCT organized training camp at eight places of Manvi Taluka with a few resource persons. The main topics covered under this programmes are: Personality development, Health and hygiene, HIV/AIDS, contagious diseases, reproductive health, physical growth and mental changes, gender discrimination and Information on protection during sexual harassment. 602 adolescent girls actively participated and benefited from the camp. They also shared and discussed their adolescent problems with the resource persons and received satisfactory solutions.
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A cherished Dream comes true for Sharanamma and family : Vimukti Pothnal
Sharanamma, a poor Devadasi (Temple Prostitution: A Religious cultural evil) hails from Utakanoor village of Raichur District. They are totally eight members in the house live as joint family. She looks after the family as a daily wage worker with meager income. The eldest brother is married and his family too stays in the same house. It is a social stigma to live as a daughter of Devadasi. Her Younger daughter (Yellamma) is studying in the primary high school at Utakanoor. The family was living in a thatched house in 3 cents of land owned by them for so many years. A small stable and beautiful house was a long cherished dream for this family but they were unable to save money for this purpose as they struggled to meet the day to day expenses and educate their younger daughter yellamma.
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Staff Educational tour: Vimukti Pothnal
The weather has been cold since past few days in Pothnal. In the season of winter we the 17 Vimukti staff along with Director and Asst. Director wanted some kind exposure for learning, perhaps outside the Social field work. The idea was put forth and two days of tour was organized. These were the places of tour namely Murdeshwara, Gokarna, Yana and Echo beach Karwar. The tour was filled with team building activities, planned by Fr. Elvin Lopez the Asst. Director, Vimukti, Pothnal. The learning in such a beautiful environment was full of fun as well. The best part of the tour was swimming and playing at the Echo sea beach.
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Makkal Gram Sabha was organized by Vimukti at two Gram Panchyats of Manvi Taluka:
VIMUKTI Pothnal (Raichur District): Over 328 children from the 11 villages that come under the Manvi Taluka limits participated in the “Makkala Grama Sabha” (children’s gram sabha) at two panchyats in different places demanded immediate intervention of officials concerned in redressing their grievances. By successfully listing out problems being faced by children, especially those living in rural areas, these children became a role model for their counterpart in other parts of the Taluka.
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Sensitization Camps : Vimukti Pothnal
Sensitization camps were organized in three Grama Panchyath of manvi Taluka, were in, 88 were given consultancy and free medicines. 28 Males and 42 women and 18 children were among the patients. Importance was given to identity communicable diseases like TB, leprosy, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases and mother’s health.
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Vimukti Charitable Trust Celebrates Christmas with 100 underprivileged children:
May the spirit of Christmas bring you Peace
The gladness of Christmas give you hope
The warmth of Christmas grant you love

Vimukti Charitable Trust® organized the "joy of giving" activity in an Endeavour to make Christmas Day special and reach out to the underprivileged children on 22nd of December 2016 Thursday. Vimukti distributed warm clothes to the 100 underprivileged children of this locality. Right from distributing sweets to helping children draw and colour, they did every possible way to bring smile to them. "It indeed was a special moment to see children were happy to see the gifts as token of love.
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A Trip to –“Kishkinda” : Vimukti Pothnal
A hectic schedule from June till December made everyone look forward to freak out as “only work and no play make jack a doll boy”. So, during the month of December Vimukti Sneha Jyothi boarding, Pothnal organized a trip to Kishkinda Resort Hospet under the leadership of Fr. Elvin lopez the Director on 18th of November 2016. Wow!!! What would be more pleasing than a scenic beauty combined with chill weather? The day is filled with happiness and anticipating thrilling and breath-taking experience in the water. Children and staff were seen having ultimate fun in the water park. Gaming sports like swimming, jumping horse riding, boating etc was enjoyed by everyone.
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Right is our Strength : Vimukti Pothnal
We the Children parliament members of Malkapura School presented the water issue which we faced before the Panchayat P.D.O on 21.08.2016. It has been since several months; we were suffering from consuming unclean water from our school. Several times we brought to the notice of the school head master and concerned local authority regarding this, but there was poor response from them. One fine evening with the help of Vimukti staff we visited our Gram Panchayth P.D.O and met Mr. suresh and gave a memorandum with facts and figures of those children who were been the victims of various diseases and of children dropouts after drinking the unclean water.
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Consciousness of the value in functioning through Grama Sabha & Panchayat : Vimukti Pothnal
Local leaders and villagers were sensitized and motivated on the importance of the Grama Panchyat and Grama Saba. Now People are aware about the developmental work which is carried out by the Panchyat and the facilities made available through panchayat to the poor people. Now members regularily attend Gramasabhas and also participate in the discussion as it is their right.
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World Aids Day – A day of awareness on HIV/AIDS: Vimukti Pothnal
Every year ‘World Aids Day’ is observed on 1st December to create awareness about the symptoms, causes and preventives of the pandemic disease HIV/AIDS that has taken unprecedented number of lives. To accelerate efforts, to take preventive measures and to be cautious about the impact of the disease, on 7th December 2016 ‘World Aids Day’ was observed by Malkapura children parliament members. The children parliament members along with other club children observed this event by involving themselves by watching video on the theme “Save A Life Today”. For around 156 high school students participated actively in it. Secondly an interactive session where the following issues on HIV its transmission, staging, stigma, discrimination, prevention, and treatment were discussed.
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Toilet and cleanliness awareness program at Vimukti Pothnal
On 25th of November 2016 Vimukti organized toilet awareness program, with the help of parliament children at Malkapura. The main aim of this program was to concentize public people to built personal toilets in their houses. As part of this initiative, children, the local village people and elected representatives held a meeting at Malkapura village to create awareness among the residents about importance of having toilets in their houses. Speaking on this occasion Vimukti director said that having toilets in their respective houses are the symbols of self-respect. “Now-a-days every family has a smart phone, but when it comes to the construction of toilet, most of them hesitate to spend their money.
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Raichur Network of NGOs:
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” says Henry Ford so too, no network can function effectively without the wealth of the experience that comes from collaboration with other like-minded entities. These partnerships bring in different perspectives, innovative ideas and new friends to work collaboratively. Raichur Network of NGOs has always believed in this principle. Network is formed to represent the voice for the voiceless, hope for the hopeless people, vulnerable to hazards to influence global policy to strengthen their efforts to build a people society, where justice prevails.
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Visitation of the Provincial Minister:
Br. Joseph Dolphy Pais, our Provincial minister made his canonical visitation on30th November 2016. It was an occasion for the renewal of the Vimukti center. He met all the Vimukti staff to get to know our work in depth. He was edifed by our work for the poor children in this locality and exhorted to all the staff to work more dedicatedly; Thank you dear Bro.Provincial minister for your valuable input session and suggestions.
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Children’s Day at Vimukti Pothnal :
“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be”

Teachers had the joy in celebrating the children’s day. Through a verity of programme they made the children happy. Vimukti staffs put up a meaningful and enlightening message to the students, that cooperation with God as well as with their teachers would bring them prosperity in life. Prize distribution day was also held on this day. Children were also appreciated and awarded prizes for the cultural as well as literary competitions. Thus children were made to feel happy and important on their day.
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Tuition centre gave me boost for Education
I Mariswamy, am the eldest son of my parents Mr. Monesh and Mr. Gangamma residing at Kalangeera Village, Manvi taluka of Raichur district, Karnataka. I am the only fortunate child in my family who could go to school because all my three younger brothers are taken along with my parents for daily wage earning. When I was studying in 7th standard immediately after the class I used to go for collecting firewood, water, for cooking food etc. I never used to get time for study. Very often in my free time I used to visit tuition centre in our village after completing my daily work in the house, where I developed friendship with few children who are part of tuition centre. They used to visit my house regularly and plead my parents, but my parents did not heed to their appeal.
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 Diabetes & Hypertension Health Awareness Screening Camp at Vimukti
Vimukti charitable trust Pothnal organized a health checkup camp to all the sponsored children parents on 5th of November 2016 at its premises. The goal of the project was to reduce premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases, Blood Pressure and diabetes among the underserved by 25%. The project aimed to enhance sponsored children and their families through empowerment, timely guidance and support; The project “Health for all” being implemented by “Ensemble Agissons” of France aims at reducing premature deaths due to non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension in sixteen villages of the project area.
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 Hearty Welcome:
30th October 2016 was a joyful day as we welcomed the arrival of our loving friends from France, Mr. Deniel the President and Mrs. Bernadette is the members of the funding Agency ‘Ensemble Agissons’ (Let’s get going together). Our joy was doubled with the arrival of our guest from France to Vimukti. The Vimukti premise was also filled with lot of brightness as our kind benefactors who travelled all the way from France to Pothnal to share their joy amidst the children who are being sponsored and are very much concerned. They are even responsible in bringing the bright future of the children.
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Foretaste of field work experience:
Two students along with one of their MSW college lecturer from Venkat Trust College Sindhnoor, visited Vimukti on 10th of October 2016 in order to get a foretaste of field work experience on various aspects. These students visited the child right clubs, children parliaments, evening tuition centers on the first and second Saturdays’ of very month Fr. Sathish Fernandes the director took classes for MSW students regarding the field work on every Thursday and helped them to meet their end.
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VCT governing body meeting:
Vimukti Charitable Trust® (VCT) Governing Body Meeting was held on 29th October, 2016 at Saccidananda Capuchin Provincialate, Bangalore. The Meeting was presided over by Rev. Dr. Joseph Dolphyj Pais, Provincial Minister, Karnataka. He heartily welcomed the VCT Members and in a very special manner the special invitees who were present for the meeting. The highlighted of the meeting were the presentation of the Annual report of VCT, the presentation of audited account of the financial year 2015-16. He asked all too actively participate in the meeting, evaluate the reports being presented and give their valuable feed-back and suggestions which would be incorporated to make the programs a success.
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Sponsor Day Program : The Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra (R)
The Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra (R) with the collaboration of ChildFund India has organized sponsor day program at Subrahmanya Sthanika Sabha Bhavana, Laila, Belthangady on 12/10/2016. 200 children participated in the program. The program commenced with the prayer song of Manasa and group. Fr. Francis Assis Edwin Monis, The Chief Functionary of CKSK inaugurated the program by lightening the lamp. Mr. Francis Danthy, The Project Manager of ChildFund project in his introductory speech said, “as we know our sponsors are from different part of the world are very generous and they do sacrifice their life to improve the living condition of our children by saving their part of income.
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Two days seminar for the staff
On 21st and 22nd October 2016, 17 Vimukti staff participated in a seminar conducted by Mr. Anthony CWC member Bagalkot at Vimukti premises. The two days training consisted of input sessions on analysis of social political context and challenges that we face in present day society, importance of vision and focus, towards qualities of leadership to know the rights and schemes given by the government, tips for planning, monitoring evaluation and documentation, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), group work and many other relevant topics were discussed in the seminar. At the end of the seminar they made an action plan to improve the quality of effective social workers.
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Case study : A ray of hope visualized - Amidst social evil structure
Sunanda is from Markamdinni village of Manvi Taluka in Raichur District became a victim of child marriage. She was from an economically backward family. Sunanda shared the troubles she underwent by being married at a tender age. Her family’s economic condition compelled Sunanda to migrate to neighbouring town to earn a living as a domestic worker, though she was very much interested to go to school had to discontinue her primary schooling. She pleaded her parents to allow her to continue studies but parents didn’t heed to her request. She worked hard to fulfill the needs of the family. One fine evening her parents decided to give her in marriage to Santhosh her cousin brother who was 17 years of age.
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Distribution of study desks to sponsored children
On 13th October Vimukti Charitable Trust® distributed study desks to all school going sponsored children. Some Schools in Raichur could be facing worse situation where we can’t even expect, very basic amenities like a writing-table, and chair to sit, and in where children end up sitting on dusty floors all the day long. None of us bear the consequences except these children, who sit in a bad posture, constantly lose their eyesight, and have bad handwriting and least form quality education. Vimukti, that works for the children recognize such situation and try hard through innovative way to help the blooming buds which is simply nothing more than an invention driven through determination. The Vimukti came up with an idea of providing portable Study tables and that too in a most economical and efficient manner.
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Case Study : Vimukti gave me timely support to purchase water pump for farming
I am Pampanna, the son of Basanna, resident of Udbal Village of Manvi Taluk. I have been farming since many years and thus farming I support and take care of my family. Daily life has been hard and I am trying my best to sustain it through all my efforts in the fields. My cultivating land is near the river. Though there is water it has been difficult to divert that water to our fields. We use motor to pump the water to the fields.  One day I met Mr. Charlie who is the staff member of the Vimukti Charitable Trust. I had heard that he helps the famers in various ways to get some benefits with regard to cultivation of the land. Therefore I spent some time with him explaining the problem that I faced being a farmer. I spoke about the need of a new motor pump set.

Strengthening of Children Parliaments and clubs
The Organization has constantly formed children Parliaments and clubs to improve the capacity of the functioning of the children. Staff members of the Organization constantly keeps visiting the children clubs and organizes various programmes like training on child rights, leadership, personality development camps, summer camps, adolescent camps and exposure visits to Government departments. For upcoming months there are certain plans to work on the themes of awareness on cleanliness, rights and responsibilities of children and public issues. These types of works will help the children to improve their knowledge. Once in a week the children Parliament and club members come together for an evaluation and discussion. The meeting starts with the prayer, selection of the president, welcome, and discussion about .....

Malkapur children parliament members Celebrate Teachers Day with fervor
As it is rightly said that, “A teacher is the heart of educational system”, we the Vimukti children parliament members from Malkapur had decided to honour all the teachers of our school by celebrating teachers day on 17th September, by rescheduling it for a convenient day. All the teachers were present and graced with their presence this gathering in spite of their busy schedule. All the motivational words we used to encourage them and they were very glad that we have come up with this idea of celebrate a day in honour of them. As a token of our love and gratitude we had made them cut the cakes and had offered them small gifts as a sign of love and gratitude from the children parliament side. The local people’s presence added colour to the success of this celebration.

Training on Antenatal care to women:
Vimukti organized training on Antenatal care on 10th of September 2016 at Malkapur village with the collaboration of Women and child Welfare office Manvi. The training was done under the guidelines of the new scheme, which provides for improvement in prenatal and maternal health, in the Government hospitals. As per the guidelines issued under the National Health mission (NHM), the ninth of every month would be dedicated to providing treatment to expectant mothers. Ground- level staff such as ASha(Accredited social health Activists) workers should get the details of pregnant women and do a follow up of their treatment. Lab investigations would be conducted and counseling offered to pregnant women, individually or in groups. Resource person exalted that existing facilities in the hospital should be used, the main aim is to bring down maternal mortality rate.

Case Study: Vimukti finds Shri Devi working gets her readmitted to the school
Shri Devi is from Malkapura village in manvi Taluka of Raichur District. Her parents work in the agricultural field. She left studying when she was in 4th standard. She helped her parents in doing the house-hold duties. Whenever she found time she used to attend the evening tuition classes. She is very charming girl in the tuition centre, where she too motivates other children and shows lot of interest in the tuition. After coming to know her family background Mr. Charlie the Vimukti staff often visited her house. One evening he met the parents in her small house where he persuaded to send Devi back to the school.

Right to Food Campaign through Street-plays
After introducing the Right to Food Scheme, its aim and objectives to the appointed 40 local leaders in the 20 pockets, Vimukti itself did the task of educating and enabling the people to gain maximum by the following seven specific schemes through street plays under RTF: Public distribution system(PDS), Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS), National Old Age Pension Schems (NOAPS), Annapurna; Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS), and National family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) etc. It was in view of widening the impact Vimukti with the collaboration of staff organized street plays along with singing awareness songs in the project area.

Health check-up camp for sponsor children
On 4th September 2016, a health check-up camp was organized for all the sponsored children at Vimukti premises. Our sponsored children who are unaware of the basic knowledge about health and hygiene were gathered in the camp. Mrs. Shantha, the taluka health officer a well known and experienced in her profession, explained at length about the cleanliness of oneself and keeping the surroundings clean and to remain always healthy. Further she gave an eye-opening session on consuming nutritious and hygienic food. Around 45 enrolled children’s general health check-ups were conducted by the Doctor. Especially blood counting and grouping, reference to hospitals, medicines were given to enrolled children. Every child’s height and weight was recorded in the individual children file and later cards were distributed.

From misery to comfort in life
I am Mr. Lalsab, son of Honurasab, completed my 70 years of life and I live in Karabdinni, Manvi Taluk, of Raichur district. I have two daughters who are already married and settled with their families in the neighboring city. I lost my wife when was at the age of fifty. Now I am single, I do seasonal agricultural coolie work and my earnings somewhat sufficient to lead my daily life. Seven years back I had a polio attack and my leg was infected and due to this I suffered a lot. Now I am very weak and not able to walk or even earn for my life. Secondly I have none to support me at this age. Three years back I came to know about the government scheme for which I could apply and get my pension for my sustainability. But I tried more than fifteen times by going to Taluka office by taking with me the necessary documents for approval; Even then I could not succeed in this regard.

Training to the local leaders With regard to the Access to various Govt. Schemes
On 12th August 2016 a full day training programme was organized for all the local leaders in Vimukti premises. Nearly 40 leaders from 20 villages were present for this training. The aim of this programme was to introduce them the NFSA Government schemes in detail to all the local leaders. In this training, resource person helped the participants to know the schemes like integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Mid-day Meal Schemes (MDMS), Public Distribution System (PDS), Nation Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS), National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS),. Sampooran Grameen Rozgar Yogina (SGRY) etc. The knowledge with regard to Right to food workshop & training is helping the staff to work in the villages very efficiently.

Seminar held for Remedial teachers
Life is not all about spectator sport. We cannot just sit back and watch things happen; we need to find a purpose in order to make life meaningful and strive towards achieving that particular purpose. On 7th July, 2016 to rejuvenate the staff and Remedial Teachers after the hot scorching hot summer, a very enriching and motivating seminar was conducted after re-opening of the school. This seminar proved to be a wonderful experience for the staff and the teachers as they learnt that “a sincere, balanced and kind attitude towards our-selves and others is a key to happiness and success in all life’s ventures”. The running theme of the workshop was, ‘Teachers as Mentors’.

Awareness programme on the Right to consume clean water and for sanitation
Hundreds of people across 120 villages of Manvi taluka are consuming contaminated water of the deadly toxic chemical, and arsenic. However, in the absence of alternative sources of water, people in these villages are forced to use the polluted with fluoride and arsenic content water. After knowing the real struggles of people in this area, Vimukti made a survey to know the water quality as how far it is portable to drink. The analyses of ground water samples of the Taluka revealed that the ground water quality is generally found that it is not portable. It is only suitable for irrigation purposes and cultivation.

Fundraising workshop held in Bangalore
Vimukti organization participated in the Fundraising workshop held in Bangalore on 25th June 2016. V- Solve organization of Bangalore organized the training programme. Sufficient inputs were given on various modern fund raising tools and techniques, strategies and methods and as on how to raise the funds from individual donors, Business Corporations through Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) through fund raising events, proposal writing, through ECS, Tele-call and Tele-face fundraising and face-to-face fundraising methods were explained in order to raise the funds to run the social institute effectively. Nearly 102 different NGO representatives were present and benefited from this training.

Child Marriage was prohibited at HireKotnekal:
Vimukti animator with the collaboration of CWC officials prevented child marriage which was arranged at Hire Kotnekal. The parents of the girl had planned to give in marriage their 15 year old daughter with the youth who is also hailing from the same village. When the Vimukti animator learned about this he without delay rushed to the family with the help of local police and concerned authority. They collected a written bond from the parents of the girl that they would not marry their daughter until she completes 18....

Field Extension programme - ‘Shale kade Namma Nade’
A week-long door to door school campaign titled as “shale kade namma nade” (our walk towards the school) was conducted from 25th June 2016 to 29th of June 2016 by Vimukti staff, to motivate first the parents and to admit their children to government schools. All the 26 villages of our project area were covered through this programme. Handbills were distributed in all the habitations within the Panchyats. 328 children were enrolled in different schools and benefitted from this programme.

Helpings Hands Are Better Than Praying Lips
Vimutki charitable trust under the banner of ‘Back to School/College,’ distributed uniforms, bags and books to 80 underprivileged children of surrounding villages of Pothnal. Chief Guest Rev Fr. Thomas Assit. Parish Parish Priest gave away the school bags, books, uniforms and stationery to the children in the presence of few dignitaries, parents of the children and the local people. Addressing the occasion, Fr. Thomas said that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and hence Vimukti aims at reaching those children who are denied of their basic right to education due to incapacity to afford for education. Every child can be nurtured to be a better individual if the right opportunities are provided at the right time.

Bidding Farewell to our Loving Sponsored Children
All good things must come to an end and all good memories must be cherished….
To promote bright future and to bid farewell, on 5th June, 2016 send-off programme was organized at Vimukti centre to our six sponsored children who completed their 18 years and an end of receiving sponsorship support for the future. The Sponsored children namely Madan, Yesuraj, Sonamma, and Renuka were seated at the center of the stage. These five were the senior sponsored children who benefitted for five years under sponsorship project are now eagerly waiting with indignation and anxiety, to leave the portals of Vimukti institution and move forward towards a new world with a better vision.

VCT members initiate to meet the Government Taluka officials to discuss on the issue of tackling child dropouts at Manvi :
In order to create public awareness on child dropouts, to eradicate child labor and to get all the children back to the schools VCT members took initiative to call for a meeting with the concern government officials at Vimukti premises. VCT was also selected as Nodal NGO by Deputy Commissioner (D.C) of Raichur to make a survey of child dropouts and to give a overall report of the situation of the entire Manvi taluka. Different government officials of Manvi Taluka namely, Block Education officer, BRCs, EO, CDPO, school head masters, Asha workers, AWC’s teachers, and SDMC members were present for the meeting in order to draw a strategic plan to work in near future. District child protection officer inaugurated this programme and while addressing the gathering he said that there are about 12400 children out of school due to various reasons. To conclude nearly 42 government officers took part in this programme.

Children initial journey towards school
On 3rd May under the banner of ‘Shale Kade’ Nanna Nade (My journey towards school) with the alliance of likeminded NGOs of the Raichur District and Government Education officers namely DDPI, CEO, CDPO and women and child protection and child right officer and also child welfare officers were present for the one day workshop was held at Girls PU Collage, Raichur. Thus Vimukti created a platform in order to bring all the concerned District authority people to this programme. After the official inauguration of the workshop, Vimukti presented the in-depth study survey report of those children who were staying out of school in the entire taluka of manvi. It was a hard reality to accept that more than 4950 children were not attending school in the manvi taluka itself, leaving rest of the talukas of the District. It was evident that though the children were not attending the school, it was being shown in the records that they were attending schools in order to indicate that the number of children absent in the school were minimum.

Refresher training to Vimukti staff:
Commission for Justice Peace and Ecology (JPE) under the leadership of Fr. Arun Lobo, JPE Secretary Karnataka, organized capacity building training and study tour to the Vimukti staff, 7 members participated in the event and refreshed themselves from the sessions, leisure activities and group dynamics. This program had definitely helped the staff to work more efficiently. Fr. Faustine Lobo (Nationa Director, Pontifical Missions organizations) who conducted the workshop and enlightened the participants on how to be active social workers in an effective way. He enabled the participants to move from charity-based activities to human rights-based activities.

Identification of Schemes and NGO Collaboration in Raichur District:
Just as the famous saying goes 'no man is an island', so too, no network can function effectively without the wealth of experience that comes from collaboration with other like-minded entities, These partnerships bring in different perspectives, innovative ideas and new friends. VIMUKTI has always believed in this principle. Therefore, Vimukti took up itself the task of educating and enabling the people to gain most by the following three specific schemes under RTF. Public Distribution Scheme(PDS), Annapurna Scheme and National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. So as to widen the impact, Vimukti roped in the following as its collaborators in the RTF Campaign: Lok Manch India, , Janodhaya manvi, Jagrutha mahela Sangatana Pothnal, Nava Jeevana Mahila Okkuta Raichur, Gram Vikas, , Roovari Raichur, etc.

Art and craft workshop held at Tadkal School:
The art and craft workshop that was conducted in the Tadkal school premises was indeed a successful one. There were around 220 students who took active part in it. The workshop began with a stage programme. The kids enjoyed to the full the workshop with learning beautiful craft and art work. They learnt different skills like rolling and cutting papers, gluing pieces together, most importantly the skill of cooperating and collaborating with each other. For about 35 children made masks from paper, so also plates, paper pulp, balloons, flowers and caps. Mr. R. Kumar was the resource person for the day gave them a demonstration on landscape, drawing and painting, He also taught the kids as on how to derive at different colors from the six basic colors. In the second session children were introduced and taught how to draw a cartoon character using different forms and how to fill color in to it. Secondly children made cartoon faces using different alphabets. They also learnt of making cartoon faces with different expressions with different forms. The participants enjoyed the workshop and benefited to the maximum from this workshop.

Women’s Day celebrated at Vimukti:
Vimukti charitable trust® together, with the director, Staff and the Women from different villages celebrated The International women’s at Vimukti Premises on 13th March 2016 in Pothnal. Mrs. Monamma Eranna, Grama Panchyath President Pothnal was the Chief Guest of the celebration. The day’s celebration began with the various Competition games and the public function began at 12pm. Mrs. Ausha Banu one of the participants shared her experience of being a sister, wife and mother. She encouraged all the women to educate the girl children for she believes that if one girl child is educated the whole family is educated. The director offered special prayers for women especially for those who are trafficked, abused and used and who are at the margins. It was a great moment when a woman from the women’s group voluntarily came forward to share her views, desires and aspirations. Mrs. Jecintha animator Vimukti spoke from her own experience that we too had desires and aspired that we want to be someone. But then our desires were cut off as we were deprived of education.

CKSK has organized block level children alliance called “Nanna Kanasina Grama” to discuss the issues affecting their lives and to develop action plans :
On 27th February, 2016, CKSK has organized block level children alliance called “Nanna Kanasina Grama” to discuss the issues affecting their lives and to develop action plans. The program was held at Shri. Subrahmanya Sthanika Brahmana Samaja Sabha Bhavana, Laila, Belthangady. In the first session, Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas, the Project Manager of CKSK and Fr. Amar Lobo GB member of CKSK gave guidance to children about how to present their problems before the Government officials. Children drew picture about their model village and listed out the various issues and raised many problems they face in their villages that affects their day to day life before the government officials.

On 21st February 2016, CKSK with the support of ChildFund International has organized Annual youth sports meet at Anugraha P U College ground Ujire.
The program was inaugurated by Mr. Prabhakar, sports representative of Thaluk Panchayath, Belthangady by hosting the flag. 4 youths groups participated in the march past inaugural ceremony with colorful dresses. Mr. Prabhakar, in his inaugural speech motivated the youths and he opinioned that the Organization has taken a further step to motivate the youths in the field of sports. The Organization, since many years has been supporting the rural children for quality education through various programs and now also supports to various extra-curricular activities viz, sports. Sports help youths to acquire better physical and mental health through which youths can enhance their personality. Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas, the president of the program wished all the participants and requested the youths to actively participate in all the games arranged in the sports meet and to cultivate the habit of participating in all the co-curricular activities that will help them to build good personality.

Vimukti Pothnal - As a ‘leaven in the dough’ – Catalyst towards change:
Liberating women from all sorts of oppressions has always been the main aim of Vimukti trust. From the past it has been the endeavor of the Trust not only to help women through welfare works but also to direct them to become self-sufficient and have dignity to their life. For the betterment of the women, trust has introduced various programmes and schemes. Conscientization is one of the effective methods that Vimukti has introduced in its approach such as mobilizing women to fight for their rights and demand for justice, formation of community based organizations, empowering them to break the culture of silence and question the system of degeneration through various trainings. Thus it has created an atmosphere of awareness, an insight into the existing oppressive system, and has offered opportunity for a better standard of living and a scope for creative livelihood. On 3rd February 2016 our Ensemble Agissons members visited the tailoring center and appreciated and encourage the beneficiaries to use this opportunity and benefit for their self sustainability.

Divine providence in human hands
The sponsored child is at a great surprise to see the God's providence executed through human hands of French Benefactor Mr. Christian Bensnier. I am Praveen hailing from Belwata village. I am the second son of my father, who is no more and my mother Mrs. Reginamma, who is the only bread winner of our family. And I have an elder brother, studying in twelth grade. My mother is suffering from dangerous and incurable disease, which has put her into feeble and vulnerable condition. Soon after the death of my father, we were abandoned and left away on the streets by his brothers and relatives. Being lonely and distressed we knocked at the door of my grandmother's house for the shelter and sought refuge. Though we were welcomed and comforted initially, but later she too rejected us. In order to work and support my family I had to discontinue my studies. Then we worked in the fields of a land lord who assured us minimum wages and a hut to live in temporarily.

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