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Completion report of Convergence
 Workshop for Strengthening of
Child Protection System

Mother and Child Protection and Nourishment Campaign at Manvi: Vimukti Pothnal
For about 461lactating mothers were interviewed in Richur District of Manvi and Maski TQ. the meeting with them personally revealed number of malpractices of 7 health centers in and around their villages. The following problems they faced were shared in detail. The lack of staff, the punctuality of doctors and the staff, the lack of cleanliness, lack of medicines, no ambulance facility, corruption, over charges, not constructing hospitals or dispensaries at the proper places, the dilapidated structures, not updated equipments and machineries, without proper first aid facilities, Doctors and the staff being absent, people who have been lost their faith in them, the staff being made in charge of the centers, lack of medicines in sub centers, not getting proper treatment at the emergency ward, and such type of feedback was really saddening and shocking. Overall the primary health Centers have been failed to provide the proper treatment expected by the people especially to the lactating mothers and their children. Government services are at the scrutiny. 71% of deliveries taking place in the hospitals but only 29% deliveries taking place with proper facilities and most of them done through caesarean.

Training on Effective use of RTI Act: Vimukti Pothnal
VIMUKTI Pothnal organized training program to all the Community leaders at vimukti premises. The enactment of the Right to information Act 2005 marks a significant shift in Indian democracy. It plays a vital role in bringing transparency and checking corruption in administration. By enacting the RTI, India has moved from an opaque and arbitrary system of government to the beginning of an era where there will be greater transparency and to a system where the citizens will be empowered. To make known the rights of the people and empower them in implementing the schemes of the government, campaign facilitator and capacity builder took lot of initiatives to give comprehensive knowledge. The resource person said, anyone can get information from various department of the government. No officer should refuse to provide information sought by any person under this act. The information commission cannot probe the cases related to corruption and wrong information. Complaints in this regard can be filed to the higher officials of respective department he said. Nearly 55 leaders actively participated and benefited from this program.

International Human Rights Day: Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Charitable Trust (r) Pothnal in collaboration with Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation New Delhi and Spandana Belagavi Celebrated International Human Rights Day organized various activities in Markumdinni High school. In the keynote address Mr, Arogyappa, Vimukti staff, described about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and said that everyone should join hands to prevent violation of human rights. Everyone should take steps to uphold and promote the rights of all human beings. He explained about the services of CHILDLINE 1098 and how CHILDLINE team would reach out to any child in need of care and protection. Mr. Jaysheel, Coordinator, Vimukti, addressed the gathering and explained about Juvenile Justice Act and POCSO Act. Mr. Thiru Pari School teacher, explained about Drug addiction and the ill-effects of consuming alcohol and drugs. Children should avoid the use of drugs and alcohol, he said. Over two hundred and twenty children and teachers participated in this programme. Mr. Charlie SVP cordinator, spoke about UNO, empowered children about Human Rights and acts. A few incidents of Human Rights Violations were shared and discussed. Children were motivated to restore Human rights and help others in difficult situations as much as possible and briefed about the importance of the day and explained about the human rights and the importance of protecting and promoting human rights. Twenty-three youth participated in the celebration.

A community survey on maternal and child health services utilization from the Primary Health Centers at Manvi Taluka, Raichur District. Vimukti pothnal
This report presents the results from the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program Indicator Survey, a household survey conducted in 42 villages in 7 PHCs 461 mothers of rural villages of Manvi, Raichur District. To provide population-based estimates of the levels of utilization of maternal, newborn, and child health services, provision of key evidence-based interventions during service contacts, and practice of desirable maternal, newborn and child health ,and various facilities available at the PHC level for the mother and child.

Survey on children with Disability: Vimukti Pothnal
“Disabled children in Manvi Taluka miss out due to lack of support services…”
On 12th November 2019, Vimukti with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons, France, under “HEALTH FOR ALL” project along with CHILDLINE 1098 Raichur involving more than 9 staff actively participated and identified differently abled children in 3 major villages, Kavithal, Vatgal and Amingada. Worldwide, 89% of children go to school. However, only 2% of Children with disability in Manvi Taluka from low and middle income families attend school. People with disabilities have generally poorer health, lower education achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. This is largely due to the lack of services available to them and the many obstacles they face in their everyday lives. They even don’t have medical certificate to ascertain disability, leaving them out of the radar of many government schemes. Keeping these thoughts in mind, lately Vimukti conducted a survey report provides the best available evidence regarding children with disability (physically handicapped, Blind, Deaf, Dumb, lame, leper, crippled etc.,) and what works to overcome barriers to health care, rehabilitation, education, employment and support services, and to create the environments action for government to help these beneficiaries.

Sharing and Caring – Christmas celebration with unprivileged children: vimukti Pothnal
True spirit of Christmas... Sharing and caring...was organized in collaboration with Vimukti Charitable Trust, group Israel, Anitha Pinto and family, and Mr. Ashok Steven lobo with his family at vimukti Pothnal. Christmas is a time of celebration, hope and laughter. Perhaps the only time when children all over the world wake up bright and early with a gleam in their eyes and a smile on their lips, ready to rip open and enjoy their crisply wrapped presents. The sad truth, however, is that there are millions of children around the world who are deprived of this experience, not because they’ve been naughty, but because they come from underprivileged backgrounds and cannot afford to celebrate Christmas. In order to bring the joy and light of Christmas into the lives of such underprivileged children, VIMUKTI, like every year, hosted Christmas celebrated at vimukti premises. The children of vimukti, who come from nearby villages, got the opportunity to participate in games, win prizes and receive gifts.

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child: Vimukti Pothnal.
A child's smile is worth more than all the money in the world. Children are the future of a nation. They are the best change agents, be in the family or the community in which they live. It is therefore crucial to help the children, catch them young and inculcate in them feelings of empathy and conscience so that the grow up as responsible individuals. Sensing this need, VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST® came up with MAGU NAGU Programme in 2008. Sensitization of privileged children and their parents, towards the existing inequalities around them, is an important objective of Magu Nagu. Privileged children are sensitized about the deprivation and pain endured by the underprovided kids. Vimukti seeks to inculcate a conscience and value system in the children so that they grow up to become responsible citizens and change makers. Before their minds are set with age, the Vimukti programme tries to make them count they start realizing the worth of the privileged ones. Once they start realizing the worth of the privileges they are born with, they automatically turn their thoughts towards positivity and develop the right outlook.

Makkal Gram Sabha was organized by Vimukti at two Gram Panchyats of Manvi Taluka: Vimukti pothnal
VIMUKTI Pothnal (Raichur District): Over 232 children from the five villages that come under the Manvi Taluka limits participated in the “Makkala Grama Sabha” (children’s gram sabha) at two panchyats in different places demanded immediate intervention of officials concerned in redressing their grievances. By successfully listing out problems being faced by children, especially those living in rural areas, these children became a role model for their counterpart in other parts of the Taluka. The children, guided by the non-governmental organizations Vimukti Charitable Trust (VCT) and the Concerned for Working Children had made all efforts to make the gram sabha a grand success. The Gram Sabha started with the prayer song by a group of children. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Basvan Gowda Public Development Officer Gram Panchayath,Utaknoor. He said it was important that the State Government conduct capacity building programmes to equip panchayats and officials and all civil society groups which would be engaged in ensuring that the children’s gram sabhas realized their full potential.

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VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST is a social action unit of the Capuchin Franciscan of Karnataka Province, Registered under the Trust Act bearing number, Trust/718/10A/Vol-II/V-299/2000-2001 Dated 01.05.2000. VIMUKTI is integral liberation as understood popularly and it undertakes and executes socio-economic empowerment activities among the disadvantage and the vulnerable sections of the society. As the activities of the province became widespread, ‘Vimukti’ came into existence in 1999 to co-ordinate, document, monitor, review and evaluate the social work intervention activities to ensure greater efficiency and increased accountability towards the same.

The Karnataka Capuchin Province has established a registered trust called, Vimukti Charitable Trust for social service and developmental activities in the Province. The goals and objectives of this trust are to be attained in a systematic and cohesive manner. For this purpose the Province shall establish in a suitable place a well furnished central office to plan, coordinate and supervise all the programmes and the activities. The Statutes are applicable to all the Friars of the Province who are involved in this ministry. So that all the Programmes function effectively and achieve the expected goals and objectives. These Statutes are to be read along with the Constitutions of the Order and also the Statutes of the Province.

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