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Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas

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Fr.Fredrick Braggs

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Fr.Vincent D’Souza

Director Palya
Fr. Sunil Ullahanan.



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Completion report of Convergence
 Workshop for Strengthening of
Child Protection System


540 Adult Literacy Learners received Educational kits in Second level of training held to make Sustainable in Rural Communities: Vimukti Pothnal
“Literacy is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in their community and wider society,” A person without functional literacy has to face numerous challenges right from household chores to social life, and can end up having a low self- esteem or being incapable of speaking for him or herself. This ultimately leads to a lack of confidence and a low level of productivity. Raising literacy rates is one of the biggest challenges in rural communities today. This forms the backdrop to the adult literacy programme implemented by Vimukti Charitable trust, Pothnal.
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“Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls” vimukti pothnal
VIMUKTI Pothnal organized training on gender Equality and Empowerment of women and Girls at vimukti premises on 20th June 2019. Mr. Charlie the campaign facilitator explain in length by saying, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment are today accepted as vital development objectives, crucial for the realization of human rights and key to effective and sustainable development outcomes. The male female ratio though improved over last few years is still far from satisfactory. The female literacy rate is also lower than the male literacy rate. In spite of reservation being granted to women in Panchayat elections after 73rd and 74th Constitution amendment, in many Panchayats the male chauvinism does not allow them to function independently. Socio-cultural norms and practices limit the accessibility to capacity building opportunities that are there for women, which can address the various issues that have long kept them and their communities underdeveloped and poverty stricken.
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Spreading Mass Awareness on TB through “HEALTH FOR ALL” Campaign : Vimukti Pothnal
VCT with the collaboration of Ensemble Agissons, France organized TB Mass awareness program in the project area. The “Health for all” campaign attempts to support people with TB patients, who have little help navigating the health care system. Most of the times, due to low awareness and support, TB patients have to go through social stigma, misinformation and abuse. The campaign provides basic information about the disease and helps people with contacts of doctors and counselors. VCT Pothnal aims to spread awareness that TB is a treatable, bacterial infection and people should not be made to feel guilty about contracting the disease. Nursing staff along with ANM visited the houses and gave awareness on TB to the families. So far we could reach 108 families, thus many people appreciated regarding this program.
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Israel Vimukti Charitable Trust team comes forward to help to the needy :Vimukti Pothnal
Yashodhar a little poor girl has been growing up in a poor family from Raichur district, presently living in Amareshwara Camp of Manvi taluka. Vimukti Trust had recognized and identified this girl as one who had been deprived of education due to poverty in her family. Yashoda’s dad deserted the family few years ago. She has an elder sister and a younger sister. Mother is the only bread winner for the family. Since then Vimukti has been helping Yashoda for her lodging, education and meeting out other needs of her. Her mother not been able to cope up with the daily labour work due to her health conditions goes house to house to clean up the dishes and doing other household duties. The entire family of Yashoda feels insecure since the absence of a fatherly figure in the family. Vimukti has been serving Yashoda since five years by providing her education, shelter and fulfilling other needs for her. The Trust has been a motivating factor to form her towards achieving bright future.
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Free Medicine Distribution Camp: Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Pothnal takes extra pains to organize periodic medical- screening camps for the poor economically marginalized children of our targeted villages. Vimukti survey team found that there are areas where diseases are there but because of poor background children are not able to take proper treatment and medicines. At these camps, a medical specialist examines and prescribes medicines to the patients which are provided to them free of cost. Recommended patients are also entitled to free medical services including diagnostic. The camps were also used as an opportunity to spread awareness about various diseases such as TB, polio, and skin burnings, Maleria, chikangunia etc, The main objective to organized this camps To improve access of Below Poverty Line (BPL) families to quality medical care; Besides offering regular services and free medicines in the targeted villages of our working area which benefits around 151 patients.
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Janapada Sahithya literary meet at Vimukti Premises: Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti Pothnal in collaboration with Karnataka Sahitya Academy Raichur organized Janapada Anusandana, a “Poetry Symposium" on 23rd of June 2019 at Vimukti Premises. The program president Dr. Basava Prabhu Patile, the Kannada Sahitya Prarishad Presendent speaking on the inauguration said, Our ancient folk culture has been hampered by the changing lifestyles that have resulted from globalization,” The attraction and imitation of Western culture has changed our way of life and culture. Modern inventions are the basis for the destruction of folk literature and arts, which is the culture of our rural life. Although folk literature, which represents the principles and principles of eternal life, is the source of all literature, today it is in decline. He was concerned that the facts of the children's interests had changed. “Folk songs composed by the rural people have great lyrics without any university education. It is the responsibility of everybody to preserve and shine folk literature and art. ”
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New Venture: Apollo Foundations organized free medical Treatment camp along with Medicine Distribution to Economically poor children: Vimukti Pothnal
The “Gifting every child a healthier tomorrow” is the ethos behind the Vimukti Charitable Trust “Child Health Program”. This new project launched and Supported by Apollo Foundations Bangalore, on 17th of June 2019 at Vimukti Premises. Henceforth Sneha Jyothi Vidyalya Boarding and sponsored children will be getting free check-up and medicine every month from Apollo Foundations Bangalore. The free health camps are organized to those children are in the boarding neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene. So, through these programs children are given various tips on health issues. Besides these, basic health problems and sicknesses are diagnosed provided with free medicines. The program is conducted with the help of doctors from the government (PHC).
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Free distribution of Educational kits to 120 economically poor children : Vimukti Pothnal
“A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last for a lifetime.
Vimukti Charitable Trust Pothnal takes initiative every year to help economically poor semi orphan, deserving children and encouraged them not to dropout from the school by distributing free note books, pencils, pen and other materials to the 21 surrounding village of Manvi Taluka. The aim is to BRING SMILES to these little children as they take their next leap in learning. We all have experienced the joy of having a new school bag, books, pencils and crayons on first day of school. With the 'School Kit' program we hope to create that 'moment of smile' for the underprivileged children in the society.
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VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST is a social action unit of the Capuchin Franciscan of Karnataka Province, Registered under the Trust Act bearing number, Trust/718/10A/Vol-II/V-299/2000-2001 Dated 01.05.2000. VIMUKTI is integral liberation as understood popularly and it undertakes and executes socio-economic empowerment activities among the disadvantage and the vulnerable sections of the society. As the activities of the province became widespread, ‘Vimukti’ came into existence in 1999 to co-ordinate, document, monitor, review and evaluate the social work intervention activities to ensure greater efficiency and increased accountability towards the same.

The Karnataka Capuchin Province has established a registered trust called, Vimukti Charitable Trust for social service and developmental activities in the Province. The goals and objectives of this trust are to be attained in a systematic and cohesive manner. For this purpose the Province shall establish in a suitable place a well furnished central office to plan, coordinate and supervise all the programmes and the activities. The Statutes are applicable to all the Friars of the Province who are involved in this ministry. So that all the Programmes function effectively and achieve the expected goals and objectives. These Statutes are to be read along with the Constitutions of the Order and also the Statutes of the Province.

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