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Rev. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais

Rev : Fr. Alwyn Dias

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Director Chikkodi

Fr. Arun Lobo

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Fr.Satish Fernandes

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Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas

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Fr.Fredrick Braggs

Director Bankal
Fr.Vincent D’Souza

Director Palya
Fr. Sunil Ullahanan.



Completion report of Convergence
 Workshop for Strengthening of
Child Protection System


On 10th February 2019 Vimukti Pothnal celebrated 10 years its service in the humanitarian work empowering children, girls, youths and adults, people who are differently- abled through Right based approached and extending their service to all, promoting holistic excellence. The audience which comprised of Children, women, youth, staff members and Ensemble Agissons President and members witnessed a celebration of the 10 years of service with an array of events and programmes organized on Sunday, at Vimukti premises. A sense of fulfillment was in the air, the audience was enthusiastic and ecstatic, while the mood of the dignitaries who graced the occasion as well as the performers was upbeat.
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31st of January was a joyful day as we welcomed the arrival of our loving friends from France Daniel Helbert, Bernadette Daniel, Veronique Patrice , Lily Jattiot, Alix Girard, Catherine Guillemont and Didier Sevre. They are all the members of the funding Agency ‘Ensemble Agissons’ (Let’s get going together). Indeed, it is a wonderful occasion of joy to have them amidst us and to join us in the venture of our work. We are and our sponsored children are filled with joy. They are going to visit their Sponsored Children, their families and villages. It is our great pleasure to associate with them to achieve the purpose of ensemble agissons. This year especially the nine members of the ensemble agissons are representing in the Decennium celebration of vimukti charitable trust on 10th February, 2019. As we thank them we also cordially welcome them and wish a happy stay with us.
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Awareness for Garage Owners on CHILD LINE, 1098:Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti CHILD LINE, 1098, Raichur, staff went out to meet the garage owners, both in city and rural area of Raichur district. The Child Line staff made efforts to gather the garage owners and helpers to address them about child helpline. Almost 140 meetings were held in different places. In the meeting the garage owners and workers were briefed about the functioning of the child Line and the gravity of the crime for making the children work in the garage workshops, they were inspired to help children who are in such cases like school drop outs, trafficked, child marriage, sexually assaulted and so on. They were communicated to use child line which is free to inform if they come to know such children. Many were convinced of promoting the Child Line in their workplaces.
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Awareness on CHILD LINE 1098 for Auto Drivers: Vimukti Pothnal
CHILDLINE 1098, Raichur in an collective effort to give awareness to the auto drivers made efforts to meet them in different auto stations and also the passengers and public. They were given the awareness about the functioning of the CHILDLINE 1098, how they have to make use of it to help to protect the children who are in need, threat, under the bondage of people, working in hotels, factories, assaulted, abused, malnourished and so on. Children who are of underage must be protected. Since the auto drivers are on duty in public places who encounter such children they were guided to take social responsibility to help such children in need.
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Awareness on CHILD LINE 1098 at Market Places : Vimukti Pothnal
VIMUKTI CHILD LINE 1098, Raichur organized awareness programmes at Market place of Raichur city and specially the onlookers and the passersby and many people gathered around to listen to us and about Child help line. As the staff briefed them about the CHILDLINE, Raichur, they were all requested to inform us and make use of the child line to state about the children in danger as they come across anywhere both in city and villages. They were made aware that the child works 24 hours of the day. It wants to help the children caught up with child labour, trafficking, child marriage, atrocities, assault and other bad issues. With everyone’s help they can be helped to be freed from such evil clutches. The people were motivated on this move.
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Awareness on CHILD LINE 1098 to AWCs: Vimukti Pothnal
The Staff of CHILD LINE 1098, Raichur held meetings with 90 anganwadi animators, helpers, and children. During meting they were briefed about the work of CHILDLINE 1098. They were made aware to make the best use of the free helpline to meet out the issues where children ill-treated, sick, made to beg, work in hotels and garages or made orphans and so on. This also concerns the children who face sexual abuse, malnourished, and other disturbing factors. CHILDLINE Raichur gave effective information to safeguard and protect the children. The meetings were very successful.
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Press meet on CHILDLINE SE DOSTI WEEK Celebration: Vimukti Pothnal
VIMUKTI CHILDLINE Raichur in collaboration with District line-Department of Raichur had press meet In view of CHILDLINE SE DOSTI week celebration at Pathrika Bavan Raichur. The main objective of this Press meet was to televise the whole week program and how to spread the message in safeguarding the children from their rights. But even today millions of children are out of the safety network of protection and still entangled in the net of child labour, drop out, trafficking, flesh trade, wedlock, and sexual abuse so on. Mr. Sudharshan, Childline coordinator said, in a small city Raichur, we at CHILDLINE1098, everyday attend to an average of such 10 cases. The committed team at CHILDLINE attempts to reach out to all the children round the clock who need care and protection. He further explained in detailed week program, like signature campaign, Mass awareness campaign, silent Jatha, rally on online safety and drug abuse, misuse of internet, creating awareness on prevention of child marriage, child abuse, human trafficking, etc. Fr. SathishFernandes CWC member said every child has the right to a full and productive life.
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Village Health Nutrition Day Programme: Vimukti Pothnal
On 7th November, 2018 under the collaboration of Health and Family Welfare Commission Raichur, Primary Health center Pothnal Vimukti Charitable Trust (R) Pothnal celebrated Village Health Nutritious Day (VHND) and Village Helath and Sanitation Committee meeting was organized (VHSC). Dr. Rajendra, the physician of the Primary Health Center addressed the Village Sanitation Committee members that the health services for mother and infant’s health, fever, cough, vomit, dysentery must be received from the government hospitals and also the pregnancy treatments, Dengue, malaria, bone damage, and some other general surgeries and certain secondary level treatments are provided by the government health centers. Nutrition, health and education is the fundamental right of every children. Everyone must responsibly support for the developmental growth of children, pregnant women, adolescent girls. Nutrition, health and education from age 14 to 45 years for all the women, children must be well taken care and awareness of family health and nutrition must be taught said Mr. Charli Udbal, the animator of SVP under Vimukti Trust.
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VIMUKTI CHARITABLE TRUST is a social action unit of the Capuchin Franciscan of Karnataka Province, Registered under the Trust Act bearing number, Trust/718/10A/Vol-II/V-299/2000-2001 Dated 01.05.2000. VIMUKTI is integral liberation as understood popularly and it undertakes and executes socio-economic empowerment activities among the disadvantage and the vulnerable sections of the society. As the activities of the province became widespread, ‘Vimukti’ came into existence in 1999 to co-ordinate, document, monitor, review and evaluate the social work intervention activities to ensure greater efficiency and increased accountability towards the same.

The Karnataka Capuchin Province has established a registered trust called, Vimukti Charitable Trust for social service and developmental activities in the Province. The goals and objectives of this trust are to be attained in a systematic and cohesive manner. For this purpose the Province shall establish in a suitable place a well furnished central office to plan, coordinate and supervise all the programmes and the activities. The Statutes are applicable to all the Friars of the Province who are involved in this ministry. So that all the Programmes function effectively and achieve the expected goals and objectives. These Statutes are to be read along with the Constitutions of the Order and also the Statutes of the Province.

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